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​The Intelligent Online density meter (also known as the Online Density Transmitter) is a device for continuously measuring the concentration and density of liquids online and can be used directly in industrial processes.

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The Intelligent Online density meter (also known as the Online Density Transmitter) is a device for continuously measuring the concentration and density of liquids online and can be used directly in industrial processes.

Density meters use advanced technology, including: a capacitive differential pressure sensor ( dp sensor ) and a pair of pressure repeaters connected to the production process. There is a temperature sensor between the two pressure repeaters to compensate for temperature changes in the process fluid. Menghui Intelligent Online Density Meter is a two-wire density transmitter, mainly used for industrial process control. The online density meter generates a corresponding 4-20 mA signal according to the concentration and density, which can be remotely calibrated and monitored by digital communication.

The Intelligent Online density meter (

working principle:

The working principle of the differential pressure online density meter is based on the principle of gravity and buoyancy balance. The gravity G of the density meter is constant regardless of the liquid placed in it. When floating on the liquid, the buoyancy F is equal to the gravity G, that is, the density. The buoyancy F received is also unchanged. When the density of the liquid sinking by the density meter is larger, it is known from the Archimedes principle F=ρgv that the buoyancy F and g are constant, and the larger the liquid density ρ, the smaller the volume V of the liquid discharged by the object, that is, the density. The smaller the volume under the immersion liquid level, the lower the level of the liquid level corresponds to the density meter. If the density of the liquid sinking by the density meter is smaller, the opposite occurs.

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Product Features:

1. This online density meter is suitable for flowing or stationary liquids and is suitable for pipeline and tank installation.

2. The two-wire transmitter with integrated structure has no moving parts and is easy to maintain.

3, continuous online measurement of liquid density and temperature, no process interruption. Can be directly used in production process control.

4, double four-digit LCD display.

5. The two parameters of temperature and density can be displayed at the same time, which is convenient for industry standard conversion.

6, the density meter has several different liquid contact materials.

7, easy to install and use, insert liquid to display readings.

8, simplify maintenance, no need to clean regularly.

9, online density meter calibration does not require a standard reference source, no laboratory calibration, no process interruption.

10. Intrinsically safe type can be used on hazardous sites. Hygienic type can be installed at food production site.

Application areas:

1. Sugar industry and wine industry: extract juice, syrup, grape juice, lime juice density, alcohol GL degree, molasses, hexane/ethanol interface;

2, dairy products industry: condensed milk, lactose, cheese, cheese, lactic acid, etc.;

3. Mining: coal, potash, salt water, phosphate, calcium compounds, limestone, copper, gold, etc.;

4. Refining: lubricating oil, aromatics, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc.;

5, food processing: tomato juice, grape juice, lemon juice, tomato sauce, molasses, vegetable oil, fructose, jelly, jam, etc.;

6. Pulp and paper industry: black pulp, green pulp, pulp cleaning, evaporator, caustic, etc.;

7. Beverage processing: beer, soft drinks, fruit wine, instant coffee, malt, etc.;

7, chemical: caustic soda, acid, urea, detergent, polymer density, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.;

8. Petrochemical: natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil/water interface, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Output: 4-20mA current output, superimposed digital signal (HART protocol)

Accuracy: 0.001g/cm3

Density range: 0-2g/cm3; 0-3g/cm3

Instrument power supply: 16-30VDC power supply, 24VDC recommended

Resolution: 0.001g/cm3

Temperature range: 0-100 ° C

Temperature accuracy: 0.5 ° C

Ambient temperature: -10 to 60 ° C

Humidity range: 0-90%

The Intelligent Online density meter (

Installation instructions:

1. The principle of the online density meter is to establish a double flange differential pressure method based on static pressure. Since the measured liquid is sometimes not stationary, it is constantly circulating and agitating. Therefore, devices that measure density using the static pressure principle must overcome these effects. Add a test canister where it is not suitable for direct measurement, and let the density meter work at a low flow rate and fluctuation to ensure the stability of the density meter reading.

2. The specific installation drawing is determined by the engineering site technicians according to the size of the purchased equipment.

3. For the test of flowing liquid or liquid with high vibration, the auxiliary measuring tank should be installed to stabilize the measurement reading. The field operator must balance both dynamic and reading stability when adjusting the flow rate of the liquid in the measuring tank.

4. On-site installation density timing must ensure that the two pressure repeaters are on the same vertical plane, otherwise measurement errors will occur.

5, online density transmitter installation method on the tank

6. The liquid to be tested on site must be kept without two measuring sensors.

7. The online density meter can theoretically measure the concentration according to different media. Please use the party to convert the concentration result according to the site conditions.

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