Intelligent Pipeline Online Densimeter

Online intelligent densimeter is a kind of automatic online density measuring instrument for various liquid or liquid mixture, widely used in industries of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, mining and water treatment, and etc.

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Intelligent Pipeline Online Densimeter

1. Overview 

Intelligent Pipeline Online Densimeter is a kind of automatic online density measuring instrument for various liquid or liquid mixture, widely used in industries of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, mining and water treatment, and etc. 

The densimeter can continuously measure liquid density and directly control production process online without interruption. Integrated of the two wire transmitter structure without any moving part, the densimeter can be conveniently installed, operated, and easily maintained. 

Online Intelligent Densimeter

2. Working Principle

Intelligent pipeline online densimeter is a kind of differential pressure transmitter essentially. Its working principle: The pressure of a certain height of liquid column is proportional to the liquid density. That is: 

P= ρgh 

P – Pressure of a certain height of liquid column ρ: Density of its liquid g: Acceleration of gravity h:  Height of liquid column 

According to pressure value measured, we can get the measurement of liquid density in the known condition of the acceleration of gravity and the height of liquid column. 

3. Technical specifications 

* Measuring range: (0~1.5) g/cm3; * Accuracy: 0.2%FS; * Resolution: 0.001g/cm3; 

* Working voltage: (18.5~45) VDC, 24VDC is recommended;

* Operating temperature (-30~100) ℃,  

Liquid crystal environment temperature: (-10~85) ℃; * Environmental humidity: (5~90)%RH; 

* Display header: LCD/LED digital display, intelligent LCD display; * Output signal: (4~20) mA, HART communication protocol; * Mechanical installation: flange connection. DIN PN16 DN65/80. 

4. Main features 

*Overvoltage protection structure, excellent temperature stability, full sealing welding, design for robust and reliability. 

* Suitable for measurement of high or low temperature, and high viscosity medium containing impurities; 

* Fixed insertion diaphragm, factory calibration, convenient field configuration; * Applicable to density measurement in tank and pipe for flow or static medium; * Health type can be used for food, pharmaceutical production site. 3 .Methods of operation 

5. Operating methods 

5.1 Installation 

Intelligent pipeline online densimeter has two installation types (see below): 1) Installation in bypass; 2) Installation in direct pipe. 

The installation in the bypass is recommended due to the liquid flow rate can be controlled and the measurement accuracy is higher.  (Installation note:” H” end down and” L” upwards). 

Online Intelligent Densimeter

5.2 Field wiring 

Intelligent pipeline online densimeter field wiring diagram as follows:

Online Intelligent Densimeter

5.3 Density readings 

After the factory, intelligent pipeline online densimeter can display meter readings for the real-time density measurement. Operator directly read it.

With (4~20) mA current output, the 20mA corresponds to the upper limit of measuring value, while 4mA corresponds to the lower limit. The density value can be converted from the actual measure current value, the upper limit and lower limit value 

For example, the range for 1.5g/cm3 densimeter: The density value corresponding to the lower 4mA is 0 g/cm3. The upper limit of 20mA indicates density value 1.5 g/cm3.  So the calculation of density value corresponding to 12mA output is:  (1.5-0) * (12-4) / (20-4) =0.75 (g/cm3).

6. Operating note 

6.1 Intelligent pipeline online densimeter is an automatic and precisional measuring instrument. The measuring diaphragm couldn’t resist any other external force except for liquid pressure. 

3.2 In the installation of intelligent pipeline online densimeter, it ensures to be installed and measured vertically (perpendicular to the ground plane). Otherwise it will cause measuring errors. 

3.3 Please specify the measuring medium, measurement range, the acceleration of gravity (or annotated the area name) and the working site conditions  (Such as: explosion proof, corrosion proof, health, and etc).

7. Zero adjustment 

After installation, when the display shows normal after densimeter is electrified in the air, press the "M" and "Z" key simultaneously, holds for 5 seconds, the function code  at the lower left corner of the liquid crystal shows  "6", the middle region displays the main variable current, the region below displays "NO". Now press the "S" key twice and put “NO" into "YES", press "M" button to save it. 

8. Packing list 

* A set of intelligent pipeline online densimeter; * A Manual and Certificate.

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