Air Pressure Differential Sensor


Product Details

Air pressure differential sensor ( dp sensor )


1.Adopt microprocessor

2.Self-diagnostic capability is great

3.Without mutual effect between zero adjustment and range adjustment

4.Remote & local setting and calibration

5.Two-wire systems

6.Adopting digitized compensation technology

7.Good single-track overload ability

8.Strong resistance to vibration

9.Small size

10.Great durability

11.High performance

12.It is convenient for you to maintain it.

Product show:

Air Pressure Differential Sensor

Technical performance:

Using object:  liquid, gas or steam

Measuring scope:  refer to model & specification table

Output signal:  4~20mA DC Output, overlay HART protocol digital signal (two-wire system)

Power supply:  external power supply 24V DC, power supply range 12V~45V

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