Differential pressure transmitter calibration

Find out how to calibrate and adjust the span of a Differential Pressure Transmitter, with HART Communicator.Set up the differential pressure transmitter, HART communicator, power supply, hand pump, and the multimeter as below (see below calibration setup Diagram).

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How to calibrate differential pressure (DP)  transmitter using HART COMMUNICATOR?  

Do you know the usage of hart communicator?  

Today I want to tell how to calibrate a differential pressure transmitter 

and instruments used for doing the calibration.  

HART Communicator: So do you know what is HART?

The HART(Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol,

is one of the most popular industrial protocols today.

According to Emerson there is a huge installed base of 4 to 20 milliAmps systems,

throughout the world used for calibration.

What is Loop Calibrator?

For process calibration professionals,

loop calibrators are essential tools,

for working with 4 to 20 milliAmps current loops.

Process control loop calibrators provide milliAmps sourcing,

simulation and measurement,

readouts in both milliAmps and % of span, 24 Volts loop supply.  

What is Digital Pressure Calibrator means?

It is a portable,pressure indicator.

This micro processor based instrument uses an internal transducer,

to measure and display pneumatic pressures,

applied to the connection port.

This contains pneumatic hand pump,

volume adjuster & vent valve


1. Static pressure test:

Give equal pressure on both sides of the transmitter,

Zero should not shift, If it is shifting carry out static alignment.  

2.After completing static test,

then give  Zero pressure to High Pressure side of transmitter,

and check the corresponding 4 milliAmps in the loop calibrator.  

3.Low Pressure side should be vented to atmosphere.  

4.IF IT IS NOT SHOWING THE CORRESPONDING milliAmps the using HART do the lower sensor trim.  

5.After this apply full range of transmitter using Digital pressure Calibrator,

and check the corresponding 20 milliAmps .  

If  it is not showing the corresponding milliAmps the adjust 20 millliAmps,

by doing Upper sensor trim using HART.  

This how we can calibrate differential pressure transmitter,

using HART  this how we will do calibration by hart communicator.

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