SMT 3051 pressure transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters

SMT 3051 pressure transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters SMT 3051 pressure transmitter, is one of our core capillary type pressure transmitter, which is used as dp level transmitter too. Performance up to 0.04% accuracy Manifolds, Primary Elements and Seal Solutions 4-20 mA HART, 1-5 Vdc HART low power, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols Calibrated spans/ranges from 0.1 inH2O to 4000 psi (0,25 mbar to 276 bar) 316 SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400, Tantalum, Gold-Plated Alloy 400 or 316L SST wetted materials

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SMT 3051 pressure transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters

SMT 3051 pressure transmitter,

is one of our core capillary type pressure transmitter,

which is used as dp level transmitter too.

Capillary type level transmitter is one of the Capillary type differential pressure transmitters. 

Double-flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary is a new type of transmitter.

Its design principle is advanced,

the specifications are complete,

and the installation is easy to use.

The unit can be replaced directly during installation,

with great versatility and replacement capabilities.

To meet the continuous improvement and development of the domestic automation level,

in addition to its compact design,

it also has the intelligent function of the HART Fieldbus protocol. This product has high precision, good stability and is two-wire.

It has rugged components and plug-in printed circuit boards.

It is small in size, light in weight and strong in vibration resistance. Double-flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary's range,

and zero points can be continuously adjusted externally.

It has a positive migration of up to 500% and negative mobility of up to 600%.

Its damping is adjustable and the one-way overload protection function is good.

It uses mechanically moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance.

In addition, its components are highly interchangeable.

The diaphragm material of the contact medium can be selected from 316L,

TAN, HAST-C, MONEL and other corrosion resistant materials. Double-flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary has an explosion-proof structure,

so it can be used throughout the day.

Capillary type diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is used to prevent pipe directly,

into the transmitter in the medium pressure sensor assembly,

between it and the transmitter is filled with fluid by capillary connecting,

3051GP remote pressure transmitter used to measure pressure liquid, gas and steam,

and then outputs the signal pressure corresponding 4-20mADC transmitted.

3051GP can communicate with each other HART Communicator, through its setting and monitoring.

Our SMT 3051 pressure transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters,

can work the same as Rosemount transmitter 3051.

Capillary type level transmitter working principle:


The double flange remote differential pressure transmitter,

consists of a differential pressure transmitter,

a capillary tube and a double flange with a sealed diaphragm.

The function of the sealing diaphragm is to prevent the medium in the pipeline,

from directly entering the differential pressure transmitter,

and it is connected with the capillary between the transmitter,

and the liquid (usually filled with liquid),

and the diaphragm is slightly deformed when pressed. Deformation displacement or frequency is transmitted to the transmitter,

through the capillary fluid,

which is processed by the transmitter,

and converted to an output signal,

that can be used to measure the flow, level (dp level transmitter), density,

and pressure of liquids, gases, and vapors.

You may be interested in pressure transmitters working principle.

Parameters of Capillary type diaphragm seal pressure transmitter

Max ref accuracy:±0.075%calibration range


Static pressure:13.79Mpa

Isolation diaphragm:316Lstainlesssteel,HC,Monel,tantalum


Current output:4 - 20 mA   2 wires   Hart Protocol

Power supply:24VDC

Damping time constant:time constant is adjustable, in 0.1-second increments from a minimum to 16 seconds

Function parameter of capillary type pressure transmitter:

Use of objects: liquids, gases, and steam

Measuring range: 0-0.1kPa to 0-40MPa

Output signal: 4~20mA DC (especially suitable for four-wire 220V AC, 0~10mA DC output)

Power supply: 12~45V DC, generally 24V DC

Load characteristics: related to the power supply. The load capacity under a power supply voltage is shown in Figure 2. The relationship between the load impedance RL and the power supply voltage VS is RL ≤ 50 (VS-12).

Indicator table: pointer type linear indication 0~100% scale, 3 1/2 digit LCD display

Range and zero points: external continuously adjustable

Positive offset and negative offset: After the zero point passes the positive or negative offset, the absolute value and measurement range of the upper and lower limits of the measurement range cannot exceed 100% of the upper limit of the measurement range. The maximum positive mobility is 500% of the minimum calibration range; the maximum negative migration is 600% of the minimum calibration range. The maximum forward and negative offset of the flow transmitter is 10% of the calibration range.

Temperature range: Amplifier operating temperature range: -29~ + 93°C (LT type: -25~ + 70°C), measuring component filled with silicone oil: -40~ + 104°C, flanged transmitter filled with high temperature Silicone oil: + 15~ + 315 ° C, ordinary silicone oil: -40 ~ + 150 ° C

Static pressure and overload pressure: 4,10,25,32MPa

Humidity: Relative humidity is 0~100%.

Vibration effect: In an axial direction, when the vibration frequency is 200 Hz, the error is ±0.05%/g of the upper limit of the measurement range.

Power supply effect: less than 0.005% / V of the output range.

Load impact: If the power supply is stable, the load is invalid.

Mounting position effect: It can produce a maximum zero error of 0.24 kPa, but it can be corrected without affecting the range.


How to calibrate Differential pressure level transmitter for capillary type?

When you use the rosemount transmitter 3051 pressure transmitter, the dp level transmitter,

before you work,

you may need Rosemount capillary level transmitter calibration.


Level calculation for pressure transmitter with the capillary.

That means, you need to learn:

how to do the level calculation for pressure transmitter with capillary? Okay, here’s what you need to know:

Level calculation never changes on a differential pressure transmitter;

once you understand the equation, you can do any other range calculation.

Now, there are several types of DP pressure installations to level measurement

(also called dp level transmitter );

I’ll give you a step by step based on your problem.

The adjustment of the double flange is special.

It is not necessary to manually adjust the zero point and the range.

Generally, the actual pressure is not used for adjustment.

Instead, the transmitter is read and written by HART,

or other protocol hand-held device to set the transmitter measurement.

The purpose of the upper and lower limits.

This completes the tuning of the transmitter.

The actual application of the Communicator,

is the same as other smart meter communication methods.

The transmitter signal line and the transmitter signal terminal

(or the indoor safety barrier intrinsically safe side terminal)

can be directly connected to communicate with the transmitter. Settings.

For the double flange differential pressure transmitter,

there are main parameters,

such as the lower limit of measurement LRV,

the upper limit of measurement URV and the damping time.

The setup is simple and convenient.

Of course, be careful not to exceed the measurement limits of the measurement range.

If you want to know more about Rosemount capillary level transmitter calibration,

you can just contact us.

Pressure transmitter with a capillary or electronic remote sensor?

What are the differences,

between the pressure transmitter with capillary and remote electronic sensors?

Capillary liquid level transmitter

Capillary liquid level transmitter,

in the detection and control system of industrial production processes in petroleum,

chemical, metallurgy, electric power, food, paper,

medicine, textile, etc., detecting liquid differential pressure,

gauge pressure, absolute pressure,

and liquid in open or closed containers The level of the liquid.

The capillary level transmitter converts the measured signal,

into 4~20mA DC output signal

(Intelligent transmitter can carry Hart protocol communication),

cooperate with other unit combination meter,

or industrial control computer to form detection,

recording, control and other industries automated system.

Capillary level transmitter level measurement

The differential pressure level gauge used to measure the liquid level,

is actually the static head that measures the liquid column.

This pressure is determined by the level of the liquid level,

and the density of the liquid,

which is equal to the liquid level above the pressure tap multiplied,

by the density of the liquid and the acceleration of gravity,

regardless of the volume (or shape) of the container.

Remote transmission pressure transmitter

The remote transmission pressure transmitter,

is mainly used to prevent the medium in the pipeline,

from directly entering the pressure sensing component of the transmitter,

and the flange and the transmitter are connected by a capillary filled with fluid.

It can also communicate with HART handhelds and set and monitor through the handheld.

A medium with a viscous medium that is easily crystallized at high temperature.

A precipitated medium with solid particles or suspended matter.

Strong corrosive or highly toxic medium can eliminate the occurrence of environmental pollution,

caused by leakage of the pressure guiding tube;

The instability of the signal requires the tedious,

work of replenishing the spacer fluid frequently.

The continuous accurate measurement interface,

and the density remote transmission device,

can avoid the intersection of different instantaneous media,

so that the measurement results reflect the actual situation of the process change.

In places with high sanitary cleaning requirements,

such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries,

not only the transmitters are required to meet the sanitary standards,

in contact with the media,

but also should be rinsed,

to prevent cross-contamination of different batches of media. offers 12 capillary level transmitter products. 

About 43% of these are pressure transmitters.

A wide variety of capillary level transmitter options are available to you.

We are capillary level transmitter suppliers, located in China.

The top supplying country is China (Mainland),

which supply 100% of capillary level transmitter respectively.

Capillary level transmitter products are most popular,

in Indis, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, and Mid East.

You can ensure product safety,

Huaheng is one of the certified suppliers,

with ISO9001 certification.

Huaheng Instrument specializes in supplying pressure transmitter capillary,

capillary level transmitter, gas turbine flowmeter,

spiral vortex flowmeter, orifice flowmeter,

liquid turbine flowmeter, natural gas flowmeter,

steam flowmeter, dual rotor flowmeter,

target type Flowmeter, thermal gas flowmeter,

elliptical gear flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter,

magnetic flap level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge,

radar level gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge,

digital pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge,

stainless steel Series of flowmeters,

such as pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers,

thermocouples, pressure calibrators, bench pressures, etc.

It is widely used in electric power, petroleum,

chemical, machinery, metallurgy, cement, glass, cooking, and other industries in various countries.  

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