Electronic Differential Pressure Transmitter

​The electronic differential pressure transmitter is one of the most widely used instruments in industrial production. There are also many physical parameters measured by it, such as pressure, liquid level, and flow rate, which can be obtained by it, which is of great significance for industrial production.

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The electronic differential pressure transmitter,

also called DP sensor ,

is one of the most widely used instruments in industrial production. 

There are also many physical parameters measured by it, 

such as pressure, liquid level, and flow rate, 

which can be obtained by it, 

which is of great significance for industrial production.

As the detection and transformation part of the process control system, 

the differential pressure transmitter converts the process parameters such as differential pressure (pressure), 

flow rate and liquid level of liquid, gas or steam into a unified standard signal 

(such as DC 4mA ~ 20mA current).

Know more about pressure transducer 4-20ma

These signals are used as input signals for display instruments, operators, 

and regulators to enable continuous detection and automatic control of the production process.


Mediumliquid, gas and steam
Measuring Range0-0.1kPa to 0-40MPa
Output4-20mA DC+HART protocol
Range and null pointAdjustable
Power Supply12-45V DC, generally 24V DC
Storage Temperature-40 - +125℃
Overload Limit150%-200% of rated range
Load Resistance750Ω(See below diagram 1 for load characteristic)
Relative Humidity5-95%
Converter housingLow copper cast alumium alloy with Polyrethane paint
Fill FluidSillicon / Fluorine Oil
Process Connections1/2NPT, 1/4NPT
Static pressure4,10, 25, 32 Mpa
MountingDirectly supported by piping or optionally with mounting bracket for 2" pipes or with direct or remote seals, 3-way valve
Maximum positive shift500% of minimum adjusting span
Maximum negative shift600% of minimum adjusting span
MaterialFlange/AdaptorStainless steel 316/monel/Haste alloy/Carton steel

Drains/VentsStainless steel 316/monel/Haste alloy

DiagramsStainless steel 316/monel/Haste alloy C/Tantalum

Wetted O-RingViton/ Buna-N

Seal O-RingViton/ Buna-N

Bolts & NutsCarton steel/ stainless steel 316



1.Accuracy upto 0.04%

2.Ranges from 1mbar to 30 bar (0.015 psi to 435 psi)

3.100:1 rangeability

4.Line Pressure up to 160 bar

5.2-wire 4-20mA with HART® protocol

6.Robust Design

7.Local zero and span adjustment

8.It can measure oil, water and paste compatible with 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel with a wide range of anti-corrosion ability

9.High accuracy, high stability, imported original sensor, good linearity and high temperature stability

10.Small size and lightweight


12.The pressure sensor directly senses the measured liquid level pressure, and it is not affected by the foaming and deposition of the medium

13.Easy to install, debug and use


1Electronic differential pressure transmitters eliminate the problems,

that arise in traditional differential pressure measurements and have higher process suitability and reliability.

2. Based on HART communication, it measures the differential pressure, top pressure and sensor temperature of the same system, thus providing multivariable level measurement.

3. It also provides uninterrupted identification of the health of the entire system through HART diagnostics.

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