Industrial Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter Controller

Industrial Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter Controller Feature: 1: Adoption of microprocessor enhances its flexibility and function; 2: Have strong self-diagnostic capability; 3: Without mutual effect between zero adjustment and range adjustment; 4: Complete function of remote & local...

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Industrial Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter Controller

Technical performance of Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

Using object: liquid, gas or steam

Measuring scope: refer to model & specification table

Output signal: 4~20mA DC Output, overlay HART protocol digital signal (two-wire system)

Power supply: external power supply 24V DC, power supply range 12V~45V

Load characteristic:

Hazardous area installation: explosion-proof type dIICT5;

                                             Intrinsic safety type iaIICT5;

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Feature of Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter :

1: Adoption of microprocessor enhances its flexibility and function;

2: Have strong self-diagnostic capability;

3: Without mutual effect between zero change and range change;

4: Complete function of remote & local setting and calibration;

5: Two-wire systems, conforming to HART protocol,

and be capable of uninterrupted output with HART protocol terminal communication;

6: To compensate for temperature and static pressure by adopting digitized compensation technology;

7: Good stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping and good single-track overload ability;

8: Without mechanical drive parts, little maintenance work, strong resistance to vibration;

9: All general parts meet to the convenience of maintenance.

Smart differential pressure transmitter working principle:

The DP intelligent differential pressure transmitter (dp sensor),

transmits pressure through the diaphragm and silicone oil,

to the measuring diaphragm in the center of the triangle chamber.

The differential pressure transmitter measures the diaphragm,

as a resilient element,

that corresponds to the pressure difference between the two sides. Displacement, measuring the displacement of the diaphragm is proportional to the pressure difference,

the greatest displacement is 0.1mm,

detected by the capacitive plates on both sides,

and then measuring the differential capacitance between the diaphragm,

and the capacitor plate into a two-wire system by an electronic circuit (4 ~20) mA DC output signal.

Smart transmitter definition

The intelligent pressure transmitter is composed of two parts:

a smart sensor and an intelligent electronic board.

The smart sensor part includes:

a capacitive sensor, a measuring diaphragm detecting circuit,

a temperature sensor and a temperature compensation circuit;

the intelligent electronic board part includes:

a microcomputer controller.

And peripheral circuit composition, complete the pressure signal to 4 ~ 20mA dc conversion.

Used to measure the pressure of a liquid, gas or vapor,

and then convert the pressure signal into a 4-20 mA DC signal output.

The intelligent pressure transmitter,

produced by Huaheng Instrument can communicate with the HART Communicator,

set it, adjust the pressure range,

check or form a field monitoring system with the host computer. 

It is used in weak corrosive liquids in industrial pipelines. , gas, steam measurement and control systems.

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Huaheng Instrument offers over10 china differential pressure transmitter products.

About 65% of these are differential pressure transmitters,

20% are differential pressure sensors,and 15% are sensors.

A wide variety of China differential pressure transmitter options are available to you,

such as resistance sensor, hall sensor, and optical sensor. You can also choose from differential pressure sensor, industrial. As well as from analog sensor, digital sensor, and switching transducer. 

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter for sale

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter for sale

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter for sale


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