Water Magnetic Flow Meter Controller Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Water Magnetic Flow Meter Controller Ultrasonic Flowmeter Product Description Electromagnetic Flowmeter Working principle Its measuring principle bases on Faraday electromagnetic induction law : When the liquid flow through the measuring pipe which all around magnetic field, the two vertical...

Product Details

Brief introduction:

It is a non-contact meter that measures both medium flow in large diameters and media that are difficult to access and observe. Its accuracy of measurement is high, and it is almost undisturbed by various parameters of the measured medium, especially it can solve the problem of flow measurement of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium that other instruments cannot.

Product show:


Product features:

1.Great durability

2.Long service life

3.No flow enhance equipment

4.It is suitable for various electronic conductivity liquid

5.No affect from temperature, viscosity, pressure and density

6.Anti- corrosion

7.Measure both to and reverse flow

8.Long- term EEPROM to save data when lose power

9.Support MODBUS/HART communication protocol

10.Wide working volts range

11.The function of self diagnosis

12.Great LCD display

13.Unique signal digital processing technology 

14.No mechanical transmission parts are not easy to damage, maintenance-free and long life.

15.The circuit is more optimized and integrated

16.Intelligent standard signal output

17.Friendly man-machine interface

18.The material of shell is carbon steel

19.The material strength of the wedge is high and resistant to aging

20.Small size

21.Easy to maintain

22.High performance

23.Good product service

24.Reasonable price of product

25.Simple design

26.High quality





PN6 , PN10 , PN16 , PN25 , PN40 , PN63 , PN100 ,   PN160 , PN250 , PN420

Measuring range rate1:100

Electrode material


Lining material

PTFE or customize

Medium tem

0~70°C , max is  180°C

Protection grade

IP65 , IP67   and IP6


all applys( eg : BS EN1092-1 )

Converter technical data:

Current output


Frequency output

No resource pulse :
  High level=external power supply-1V
  External volts≤30 V
  Low level ≤ 0.5V
  Load current ≤ 50 mA
  Max.frequency output :5KHz .
  Frequency of pulse output:  0~5Hz .

Display unit

Instantaneous flow units  : m 3    /h ,  m 3  /m , m 3  /s , L/h , L/m ,  L/s , G/h ,   G/m , G/s .  Total flow units: m 3 , L , G .


MODBUS protocol ( optional ) or HART (   optional )

Protection grade



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