Mass Flow Controller

Turbine Fuel Water Digital Flow Meter Type 1:Electromagnetic flow meter Performance Working temperature:-20~50ºC Working relative humidity: ≤5%~95% Body protection class:IP65,IP67,IP68(make to order) Flow rate measuring range:0.3~10m/s Medium current ratio: clean water>20μa/cm Pipe...

Product Details

mass flow controller

         1:Electromagnetic flow meter Performance                

                                  Field current detection alarm
                               Battery capacity detection alarm

Accuracy reaching ±1.0%F·S.
Short-term repeatability reaching 0.05%~0.2%.
Output pulse frequency signal, which is suitable for gross metering and connection      to the computer. No zero drift and strong anti-interference capability.
3-4kHz frequency signal , and high signal resolution.
Wide range with 1:20 for medium and large caliber, 1:10 for small caliber.
Compact and light structure, convenient installation and maintenance, great capability.
Suitable for measuring high pressure. Easy to be made into high-pressure meter.
Various kinds of specified sensors.

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