Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Natural Gas

The ultrasonic flow meter for natural gas can be composed of a flow meter body, an electronic component and a microprocessor system, and an ultrasonic transducer.

Product Details

The ultrasonic flow meter for natural gas can be composed of a flow meter body, an electronic component and a microprocessor system, and an ultrasonic transducer. It has a wide measuring range, no mechanical moving parts, corrosion resistance, stability and reliability, and requires no special maintenance for long-term operation. This device has bidirectional flow measurement function, high integration, small size, strong functionality and good performance.

It uses the principle of cross-correlation time difference ultrasonic measurement to calculate the flow rate and volume flow. With standard integrated installation and special probe technology, its measurement accuracy reaches 0.1%, which is often used as a measurement standard in natural gas and air.


Measured Mediums

liquids, gases and steams (NOTE: the mediums should be unidirectional or can be seen as unidirectional. When the dryness of saturated steams ≥85%, they can be seen as unidirectional.)


- 40°C ~ + 350°C


1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0 MPa

For over 4.0 MPa, please contact us freely, for it needs special customization.


1.0; 1.5

Span Rate

1:8 ~ 1:30(compared with the standard atmospheric pressure)

1:8 ~ 1:40 ( compared with the nominal temperature water)

Flow Range

Liquids: 0.4 ~ 7.0 m/s

Gases: 4.0 ~ 60.0 m/s

Steams: 5.0 ~ 70.0 m/s

Nominal Diameter

DN 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250,300...1000mm



Reynolds No.

Normally, 2*104 ~ 7*106

Resistance Coefficient

Cd ≤ 2.6

Licensed Vibration Acceleration

LUGB type ≤ 0.2g

Protection Class


Explosion-Proof Class 

Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof: Exia II CT2 ~ CT6

Explosion Suppression: Exid II CT4

Conditions of Surroundings

Temperature of Surroundings:

Non-Explosion Proof : -40°C~ +55°C

Explosion-Proof Surroundings:

-20°C~ +55°C

Relative Humidity:

≤ 85%

Atmospheric Pressure:

86 ~ 106 kPa

Power Supply

Non-Explosion Proof Type

Pulse type:

+12 VDC

Current type:

+24 VDC

Explosion-Proof Type

Current type:

+24 VDC

Output Signal

Frequency pulse signal 2~3000Hz, low level voltage ≤1V, high level voltage ≥ 6V

Two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA signal (isolation output), load ≤ 500Ω.


1. Ultrasonic flow meter for natural gas accurately measures the flow of gases, liquids and vapors over a wide flow range without being affected by the physical properties of the fluid.

2. It is not affected by temperature and pressure, and is not easy to block, difficult to card, not easy to scale, high temperature, high pressure, safe and explosionproof, suitable for harsh environments.

3. The device has no moving parts and no hole gap design. The product has no wear and dirt, no mechanical maintenance and long service life.

4. It uses micro-power high-tech. This battery-powered, field-display flowmeter can be operated continuously for more than two years.

5. The pipe is integrated, the installation is simple and fast, and there is no pressure loss. It uses a full titanium probe to measure chemically corrosive media.

6. The instrument is easy to operate and the menu structure is simple and easy to use. Users can transfer data to PC through MT-view software to visually analyze measurement results and data management. The graphical interface of the software is very friendly and easy to operate.

7. The whole cast steel body is used to reduce the weld joint and effectively reduce the influence of the thermal expansion and contraction of the watch body on the metering.

8. The probe has a compact structure. When it is shallow when inserted into the watch body, it is not susceptible to dirt, and has a long life.

Installation Environment

According to the specific environmental and working conditions of the installation site, take necessary insulation, antifreeze and other protective measures.

The installation of the flowmeter avoids the vibration environment as much as possible, especially in environments where the signal processing unit, ultrasonic transducer, etc. resonate.

When installing the product and its associated connecting leads, avoid possible strong electromagnetic or electronic interference, keep away from noise sources or take measures to eliminate noise interference, and avoid pulsating flow interference.

During installation, the difference between the inner diameter of the upper and lower straight pipe sections and the inner diameter of the flowmeter is required to be less than 1% of the inner diameter, and the value should be less than 5 mm.

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