Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Water Magnetic Flow Meter Controller Ultrasonic Flowmeter Product Description Electromagnetic Flowmeter Working principle Its measuring principle bases on Faraday electromagnetic induction law : When the liquid flow through the measuring pipe which all around magnetic field, the two vertical...

Product Details

Brief  introduction:

1.It can measure all kinds of  electronic conductivity liquid.

2.The result cannot be affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity and density.

Main features:

1.Unmovable assembly and abrasion resistance

2.Measuring range rate: 1:100

3.No flow enhance equipment

4.Corrosion resistance

5.Measure both to and reverse flow

6.Long- term EEPROM to save data when lose power

7.Support MODBUS/HART communication protocol

8.Self diagnosis

9.Easy operation and accurate measurement





PN6 , PN10 , PN16 , PN25 , PN40 , PN63 , PN100 ,   PN160 , PN250 , PN420

Electrode material


Lining material

PTFE or customize

Medium tem

0~70°C , max is  180°C

Shell material

carbon steel

Protection grade

IP65 , IP67   and IP6


all applys( eg : BS EN1092-1 )

Technical data:

Current output


Frequency output

No resource pulse :
  High level=external power supply-1V
  External volts≤30 V
  Low level ≤ 0.5V
  Load current ≤ 50 mA
  Max.frequency output :5KHz .
  Frequency of pulse output:  0~5Hz .


With 8digit LCD display

Display unit

Instantaneous flow units  : m 3    /h ,  m 3  /m , m 3  /s , L/h , L/m ,  L/s , G/h ,   G/m , G/s .  Total flow units: m 3 , L , G .


MODBUS protocol ( optional ) or HART (   optional )

Protection grade


Power supply

220 V AC +20/-60%  ,   50/60 Hz , 24 V DC +50/- 25%  , max.10VA

Ambient temp.


Product applications:

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage and other fields.

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