High Accuracy Temperature And Pressure Compensation Vortex Flow Meter And Sensor For Steam

High accuracy temperature and pressure compensation vortex flow meter and sensor for steam steam flow meter Scope: Gas : air, compressed air , oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, natural gas , methane gas, ammonia gas etc. Steam: superheated steam, saturated steam. Liquid: water, oil vortex...

Product Details

High accuracy temperature and pressure compensation vortex flow meter and sensor for steam


steam flow meter Scope:

Gas: air, compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, natural gas, methane gas, ammonia gas etc.

Steam: superheated steam, saturated steam.

Liquid: water, oil

vortex flow sensor application:

high accuracy flow meter and vortex flow meter are widely used in large, medium and small variety of pipes ,for drainage, industrial recycling, sewage treatment, oil and chemical reagents .As well as measuring compressed air, saturated and superheated steam metering,natural gas.

Nominal diameter(mm)

25,32,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300,(300~1500 Insert type)

Pressure (MPa)

Less than 2.5 Mpa, higher customerized




304 stainless steel

Vibration acceleration

less than 0.2g     


class 1.0; 1.5; 2.5(insertion type)

Range of


Power supply 

24VDC or battery 

Output signal

two wire 4-20mA signal output or three wire pulse signal output

Drag coefficient

Cd <= 2.4

Explosion proof marks

Intrinsic safety type: Exd IA CT2-T5 flameproof type: Exd CT2-T5

Protection grade

The ordinary IP65 diving type IP68

Environmental conditions

Temperature - 20~ 55,5% ~ 90% of relative humidity, atmospheric pressure is 86 ~ 106kPa

Applicable medium

Gas, liquid, steam

Transmission distance

Three wire system pulse output type: < 300m, two line standard current output type (4 ~ 20mA ): load resistance less than 750ohm