Fluke Hart Communicator 475

Lowest Price Portable 475 Field Communicator HART Protocol Hart 475 Field Communicator delivers: Full-color graphical interface Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module for days - not hours - of battery life Quick boot up and fast operating time Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and...

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 Fluke 475 Communicator Introduction

Fluke 475 hand-operator is supplied by Huaheng Instrument.

Fluke 475 hand-operated device price, parameter specifications,

model pictures, brand/trademark,etc.

Here is the  Fluke 475 Communicator.

The following are detailed parameter specifications and other information.

The Fluke 475 is a standalone, tablet-based HART® communication tool.

Tablets that use the FlukeHART mobile app can take advantage of a wireless HART modem,

that can be connected directly to a HART transmitter being tested or configured.

When combined with the Fluke 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrator,

or the 720 Series Multifunction Process Calibrator,

the Fluke 475 HART Calibration Assistant,

provides a complete HART calibration and configuration solution.

The Fluke 475 HART Calibration Assistant greatly facilitates HART device configuration.

The AndroidTM tablet user interface makes HART configuration easy.

An external wireless modem allows you,

to connect your modem to the transmitter,

you are testing to communicate remotely with your device.

HART transmitters are often located in confined spaces,

that are difficult to access or cannot reach.

With the Fluke 475, users don't have to be close to the device being tested or configured,

so they can operate from a safer and more convenient location.

Features of Fluke 475 Communicator:

Full HART Device Description (DD) support for all HART devices

Configuring HART devices

Perform HART adjustments on HART devices when used with Fluke 750 or 720 Series Calibrators

Monitoring equipment HART variables measured by PV, SV, TV, QV and other equipment

HART DD free updates every quarter

Convenient wireless connection to a HART modem

Easy to use, fast connect and view HART data

Storage HART device configuration

Zui distance 250 feet long distance wireless communication

Multi-language support: Select a language from the Android operating system. According to the HART device description, the HART communication command is in English.

Wireless HART Modem of Fluke 475 hand-op:

Includes a configurable connection cable that can be used with a hook clip to connect to a wire,

or with a long alligator clip to connect to the transmitter connection screw head.

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries last a long time,

and can be used for several days of HART device configuration and testing activities.

The rugged housing and test lead set are designed for the machining environment.

Storage device configuration:

Stores HART device configuration in an ASCII or PDF file configuration.

HART support: Full use of all features of the HART device DD, including methods. Compliant with HART physical layer specification: HCF_SPEC-54.

DD Update: Download the free DD update from Fluke.com within 3 years.

The update will be available,

after the HART FieldComm group releases the DD update (about four times a year).

Hard carrying case:

Protect and store your tablet, modem,

test leads and connecting cables in a lightweight,

durable carrying case that is easy to carry.

Product features of Fluke 475 Communicator:

1.Full-color graphical interface;
2.Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module;
3.Quick boot up and fast operating time;
4.Powerful diagnostics;
5.Localized language versions of user interface;
6.Easy transfer between the communicator and computer;
7.Easy upgrade ;
8.Bluetooth is available;
9.Host system interoperability;

10.Touch screen display;

11.One-handed operation is available.

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Product functions:

1. Provide production testing, diagnosis and inspection of HART smart devices;

2. Obtain manufacturer's information of on-site HART instruments;

3. Get the working status and fault information of HART instruments;

4. Read the output current and process variables of the meter;

5. Obtain the parameters and output values of the sensor.

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