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The development of pressure transmitters is mainly due to the great improvement in technology

Nov 27, 2018

The development of pressure transmitters is mainly due to the great improvement in technology

Pressure transmitters have achieved considerable development prospects in the market. This development is mainly reflected in the technical improvement. With the continuous improvement of technology and the development of various pressure transmitter products, the pressure transmitters have become more popular in the market, because most of the products are now in small batches. Production as the mainstream In such a diversified environment, the production of single-variety and large-volume products becomes extremely difficult, so the manufacturer must learn to work around, and this shows the advantages of the pressure transmitter, because it is more capable Adapt to the market needs of a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement.


Pressure transmitters are used to measure the liquid level, density and pressure of liquids, gases or vapors. In terms of skills, it is necessary to strengthen product technology updates and technological innovations. The enhancement of pressure transmitter technology is not the measurement and control of instruments. The pursuit of change, the level of skill in measurement control and instrumentation is a quantitative indicator of the level of national measurement control and instrumentation.

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How the pressure transmitter controls the pneumatic control valve:


Method one:


For example, your factory used a pneumatic target flowmeter in some high-temperature media measurements. Its output is a pneumatic signal of 20-100KPa. This signal is converted into a 4-20mA current signal through the pressure transmitter, and then transmitted to The DCS of the control room, the 4-20 mA signal of the regulating valve that handles the output is transmitted to the field pneumatic regulating valve side through the cable, and is converted into a pneumatic signal by the electric switch mounted on the regulating valve. Actions.


Method Two:


Adjusted by the PID regulator. In fact, like the electrical signal, the pneumatic positioner is selected only in the positioner of the regulating valve, and the control signal (low-pressure kPa level) of the regulator output is converted into a high-pressure signal (MPa level) capable of driving the valve.



Introduction to pressure transmitters:


1. What is the calibration range of the pressure transmitter?


Adjustment range: Generally refers to the actual use range of the pressure transmitter. For example, the actual measuring range of the 3051LT pressure transmitter is 5 meters water column, but the field use only needs to measure the water level of 3 meters, just adjusted the range is 0-3 meters water level.


Intelligent pressure transmitter


Intelligent pressure transmitter



2. what is the measurement range of the pressure transmitter?


Measurement range: The range between the smallest and largest dimensions that can be measured by the measuring instrument. The range is the maximum measured value: if a thermometer has a range of 100 degrees Celsius. The measurement range is specific to how many: for a thermometer, the measurement range is 0 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.


3. what is the range ratio of the pressure transmitter?


The turndown ratio is the ratio of the maximum measurement range to the minimum measurement range. The range ratio is large, and the adjustment room is large. When the process conditions change, it is easy to change the measurement range of the transmitter without replacing the instrument. It can also reduce the number of inventory preparations, facilitate management and prevent capital backlog, so the transmission is sent. The turndown ratio is a very important technical indicator.


From the point of view of the application, the accuracy, stability and reliability of the intelligent pressure transmitter are crucial. For a long time, the research work has been concentrated on hardware development. Although we continue to use new materials to develop sensitive devices, we will improve the manufacturing methods of pressure transmitter chips to improve the quality of the chips and improve the linearity of the sensors through external circuit compensation. Stability and output drift, but there is no fundamental breakthrough.


The characteristics of pressure transmitters are very prominent, and they are widely used in different fields. With the continuous advancement and development of technology, pressure transmitter products are constantly upgrading, and they are also evolving in the direction of intelligence. Pressure transmitters have replaced traditional pressure transmitters as a trend.

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