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3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process

Apr 23, 2019

3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process

      After the transmitter completes the debugging process and is allowed to stand for more than 12 hours, the inspection process assembly quality and appearance inspection can be carried out:

      1. The structure of the transmitter is consistent with the content shown in the task flow list of the whole machine;

      2, the assembly of each part is correct, the connection is reliable, the parts are not damaged, the thread connection is not loose:

      3. The outer coating is uniform and rich. The finish is intact; there is no significant rust and dent, scratches;

      4. Enter the configuration menu to view the range of the range, and whether the unit setting is consistent with the task flow of the whole machine;

3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process workshop

      Accuracy test:

      1. Connect the electrical circuit to confirm that the circuit is connected correctly and then turn on the power to check the digital multimeter output voltage.

      (Current) is within the normal range.

      2. Fill in the pressure point on the check card according to the factory range and approximate the percentage of the full scale.

(0%.20%. 40%.60%.80%.100%) Calculate the theoretical voltage output of the transmitter.

      3. Press the transmitter to press the low to high (upper stroke) measurement point, and then the high to the bottom (downward stroke) measurement point plus

      Press and record the voltage (current) value.

      4. When the full-scale output value is used, the negative and positive poles of the power supply are respectively short with the 3151 housing and the sensor body.

      Then, observe the output changes to meet the basic accuracy requirements.

      5. The current value of all measuring points shall not exceed the internal control index of the company, otherwise, it will be unqualified and return.

3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process

      Tuning process:

      Stability check: (only for range 3 and micro pressure)

      1. Power on or stand for more than 12 hours, check whether the zero output meets the basic accuracy requirements.

      2. If it is satisfied, the packaging process can be carried out, otherwise, the sequence will be continued, 3 times of unqualified rework, or re-made.