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9 Common troubleshooting for turbine flow meters

Dec 29, 2018

9 Common troubleshooting for turbine flow meters

Intelligent liquid turbine flowmeter is a new type of intelligent instrument integrating turbine flow sensor and display integration with advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology. It has compact mechanism, intuitive reading, high reliability, and is free from external power supply, anti-lightning strikes, low cost and other obvious advantages.

Turbine flowmeter is widely used in industrial furnace kiln heat balance test [8]. For mastering the thermal energy utilization of industrial furnaces and kiln, improving product quality, saving energy and reducing costs for enterprises, its economic benefits are undoubtedly huge. . In the actual test process, the turbine flowmeter is first selected in the industrial boiler heat balance test because of its high precision, wide measuring range, high withstand voltage and digital signal output.

9 Common troubleshooting for turbine flow meters

When the turbine flowmeter fails, you can refer to the following treatments:

1. Fault phenomenon No display when the fluid is flowing normally, the total counter number does not increase

possible reason

l) Check the power cord, fuse, function selector switch and signal cable for open circuit or poor contact

2) Check the internal printed board of the display, contact parts, etc. for poor contact

3) Check the detection coil elimination method

4) Check the internal fault of the sensor. All the above items l) and 3) confirm that the fault is normal or has been eliminated, but there is still a fault phenomenon, indicating that the fault is inside the sensor flow channel, and it can be checked whether the impeller touches the inner wall of the sensor, and whether there is any foreign matter stuck. 2, shaft and bearing have no debris stuck or broken

Elimination method

l) use ohmmeter to check the fault point

2) Printing board failure check can be replaced by "replacement board" method, replace the fault board and then carefully check

3) Do a good job to mark the position of the detection coil on the sensor body, unscrew the detection head, and use the iron piece to move quickly under the detection head. If the number of counters does not increase, check the coil for disconnection and solder joint de-soldering.

4) Remove foreign matter, and clean or replace the damaged parts. After recovery, blow the air or hand the impeller. There should be no friction. After replacing the parts such as bearings, re-verify and obtain a new meter factor.


3, no flow reduction operation, but the flow display is gradually decreasing

possible reason

• Check in the following order:

l) Whether the filter is clogged, if the pressure difference of the filter increases, indicating that the debris has been blocked

2) The valve on the pipe section of the flow sensor is loose, and the valve opening is automatically reduced.

3) The sensor impeller is obstructed by debris or the bearing gap enters foreign objects, the resistance increases and the deceleration slows down.

Elimination method

l) Clear filter

2) Check whether the valve handwheel is effectively adjusted, and then repair or replace it after confirmation.

3) Remove sensor removal and recalibrate if necessary

9 Common troubleshooting for turbine flow meters

4. The pulsation of the water source affects the flow volatility.

     Solution: Increase the straight pipe distance between the pump and the flow meter to stabilize the flow.

5. The installation position of the turbine flowmeter is too close to the position of the valve or the elbow. When the raw material passes through the valve or the bent pipe part, the flow fluctuates.

     Solution: At this time, it should be away from the valve and elbow position to ensure that a certain straight pipe section is a good way to solve the problem.

6. There are motor, inverter, strong current and other sources of interference near the turbine flowmeter.

     Solution: Ground the meter meter or add a filter capacitor. If the problem still cannot be solved, the best way is to stay away from the source of interference.

7, Turbine flowmeter no flow display:

(1) First check if there is any problem with the line, such as the signal line falling off, there is a broken line, and so on.

(2) Separate the sensor from the signal amplifier, connect the signal amplifier to the meter, and use the ferrous metal to move back and forth at a distance of 2~3mm from the bottom of the amplifier that takes the signal. If the meter has a display, the display part has no problem. Remove the flow sensor from the pipe and check if the flowmeter impeller is entangled or the impeller is damaged.

     Solution: Remove the flow sensor from the pipe and check if the flowmeter impeller is entangled or the impeller is damaged.

8. The flowmeter shows that the flow rate is smaller than the actual flow rate: the general cause of this problem is that the impeller rotates not smoothly or the blade breaks.

     Solution: Remove the flowmeter from the pipe and check if the flowmeter is entangled or damaged.

9, The flowmeter display error is relatively large:

(1) First check the flow sensor coefficient, ie the K value and other parameters of the instrument are set correctly.

(2) If the customer has conditions, use the electronic scale to perform actual calibration and calibration.

     Solution: If the flow is not repeatable or can't be calibrated at all, you can contact Toms.