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Absolute pressure transmitter application in various industrial area

Sep 09, 2019

Absolute pressure transmitter used for measurement of the liquid, steam, gas or atmospheric. The pressure ranges from 10MPA to 100MPA. Absolute pressure transmitter application includes degassing systems, distillation columns, evaporators and crystallizers. It is necessary for calibration of instrument before installation. We would learn the absolute pressure transmitter application as per its working principle.

What is working principle of absolute pressure transmitter?

When the pressure goes through the diaphragm seal, the diaphragm will deform. The largest shape change will not exceed 0.1mm. A circuit converts this tiny deformation into a voltage signal for the pressure. The output is 4-20ma current signal or 1-5v voltage signal. The differerce between relative and absolute pressure is to reference to zero pressure. The relative pressure value equals absolute pressure minus the atmospheric pressure. See the image of relative and absolute pressure and vacuum degree as below:

relative and  absolute pressure and vacuum degree

Let's know about absolute pressure transmitter application:

Absolute pressrure transmitter applies in the industrial process control system. It uses in aviation industry, military industry, chemical industry ,oil well industry. It uses in electricity industry, ship industry, building material industry, pipeline industry.

Absolute pressrure transmitter generally measures liquid, gas or steam mediums. The temperature of medium could not be too high. The corrosion could not be too strong. The viscosity could not be too high. It measures in the condition of medium not liable to crystallization.

You must know the such elements before selection as follows:
3.Measuring range
4.Explosion proof type
5.Oil-forbidden treatment
6.Easy-crytallized or not of the medium
7.The testing of the diaphragm flange connection.

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