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Analysis of China 's Instrument Industry

Apr 20, 2017

In  the operation of the national economy, instrumentation is to improve  labor productivity multiplier, the national economy has a huge role in  radiation and influence. At  present, the vast majority of domestic instrumentation products in the  international technical level in the early nineties, the middle level. Middle and low product varieties basically complete, to mass production, and quality and stability. However, foreign companies in the mid-range products and many key  parts of the domestic market share of more than 60%, large and  high-precision instruments almost all rely on imports.

The existence of these aspects of the overall strength of the gap between the main business in the following areas:
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       ● Low labor productivity. As the instrumentation is a high-tech industry, the role of low labor costs is not obvious. Domestic enterprise management level is generally lower than foreign  enterprises, therefore, manufacturing high-tech products enterprises,  labor productivity is much lower than foreign enterprises.

● Enterprise technology development investment is generally inadequate. As  domestic enterprises are almost all small and medium enterprises, in  the human and financial resources can not support enough, long-term  investment in technological innovation. To scientific instruments, for example, the general development of  foreign companies accounted for 10% of sales, while China accounted for  only 3%.

● Small-scale industry, measurement control and instrumentation industry, the lower the total output value. Not only is the absolute amount of small, the proportion of the total economy is also very small. In  2003, the total output value of domestic instrument and instrumentation  accounted for only 0.82% of GDP, 1.79% of domestic industrial output  value. According  to the US Department of Commerce National Institute of Technology and  Standards (NIST) reported that: the United States in the 1990s  instrument industry industrial output value of 4% of total industrial  output value. The vast majority of enterprises in the instrumentation industry are small and medium enterprises. The  industry has more than 1887 enterprises, with annual sales of more than  1 billion yuan less than 15, the total number of workers in the  industry 510,000, the lack of comprehensive strength of the "flagship"  business. Domestic enterprises single product market operation ability is strong, but the lack of comprehensive strength. In human and financial resources can not be in the market with foreign multinational groups to compete. Therefore, in the market competition in a weak position. Enterprises lack the engineering capacity of large projects.