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Application advantages of single flange level gauge

Apr 04, 2019

Application advantages of single flange level gauge

Compared with traditional physical instruments, single-flange level gauges have great advantages in many industries. Today Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing tells everyone about the advantages of single-flange level gauges in the application field.

(1) Complex conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, and agitation. Such as asphalt, acid and alkali tanks, reactors, etc. are mainly in the chemical, petrochemical and other industries.

(2) The material level of the blast furnace furnace and the molten metal level at high temperature. In this type of working condition, the temperature of the material to be tested is high. Due to the heat radiation, the installation position temperature of the level gauge is very high. Therefore, the antenna with a curved extension tube is usually used. The electronic components are away from the heat radiation area, and the stainless steel horn antenna can be affected. Higher temperature. The radar's propagation and reflection are not affected by temperature. Typical applications include blast furnace charge level measurement, molten steel level measurement, and molten aluminum level measurement.


(3) Powdery, granular material level. For the measurement of solid materials, a single-flange liquid level transmitter with a dedicated type is used. The signal processing software is different from the single-flange liquid level transmitter for measuring the liquid level. The powdery material level (power plant ash storage, cement plant homogenization storage and finished product storage level) is generally pneumatically conveyed, and the space in the silo is very dusty. The cement homogenization tank also blows up from the bottom, and the material surface is not very clear. Ultrasonic measurement is not ideal. When the air is blown, the sound is greatly attenuated due to the large amount of dust in the space. The echo is not received, and the radar is rarely affected. Guided wave type single flange liquid level transmitter can also be used, the price will be cheaper, but because it is contact type, installation and maintenance is more troublesome.

(4) Precision measurement of large tank level. Liquid level measurement of crude oil, product oil tank, liquefied gas, chemical liquid, etc., can be intrinsically safe or explosion-proof. Process-level instrumentation accuracy is ±3mm, and metering meters can be up to ±1mm. In recent years, single-flange liquid level transmitters have gradually become the main instrument in this field.

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