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China instrument

Dec 01, 2016

China's instrumentation industry is still in the development of  fragile and naive stage, accelerate the development of instrumentation  industry is an urgent historical mission.
1:the revitalization of instrumentation industry needs to encourage the development of the national policy
In  order to revitalize China's underwear industry, the State Council  decided to formulate the necessary support policies by the State  Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the  Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other  relevant departments. Support is to encourage development, the state needs to develop as  soon as possible to encourage the development of instrumentation  industry policies.
In policies that encourage development, the recommendations must include the following:
① the establishment of instrumentation industry risk investment  mechanism to encourage the instrumentation industry, venture capital.
②  reduce instrumentation enterprises, especially the value-added tax, so  that enterprises can accumulate more funds for scientific and  technological innovation and expansion of reproduction. Allow  enterprises to extract 10% of the total sales of the previous year for  scientific and technological development, included in the cost of that  year, and can scroll. The focus on supporting the development of national production base  and key enterprises, enjoy the corporate income tax "two exemptions and  three halved" preferential policies.
③ in industrial technology policy, to support the common and basic instrumentation technology development.
④ encourage the export of instrumentation products, in particular,  encourage the export of high technology content, with the corresponding  development of export-related policies.
⑤ clearly formulated in favor of national industrial development of the procurement policy.
⑥ vigorously cultivate talent, attract and use of personnel to develop policies to give assurance.
⑦ enterprises to enjoy the incentive policies must be identified.
On the encouragement of instrumentation industry development of a  number of policies, research group in light of the State Council "to  encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit  industry, a number of policies", and for the characteristics of  instrumentation industry in Annex 1 to make specific recommendations.
2:foster and develop a number of instrumentation production base and key enterprises
From  the mid-60s, the state of industrial automation instruments have been  engaged in Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi'an, the three major production  bases. As  a result of the concentration of superior forces, the three bases  developed rapidly, in 20 years to become China's industrial automation  instrumentation major production base, and led the rapid development of  the entire industry. For  the high-tech industry, the construction of the base is of great  significance, the construction of the Silicon Valley and the development  of the information industry plays a very important role is the best  example. To speed  up the development of instrumentation industry, support and development  of a number of production bases of strategic significance. Base  construction to choose the industry colleges and universities, research  institutes, especially the relative concentration of production  enterprises, has a good foundation and development prospects of the  city. Base construction must be included in national planning, the state to give support. Base construction to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the local to allow competition.
Modern  instrumentation combines a variety of high-tech achievements, the  development of modern instrumentation must focus on talents, invested  huge amounts of money, so the need for a number of considerable economic  strength and modern production and management development scale and  well-known brands of large companies. The  United States, Japan, Europe and developed countries have a group,  generally about 10 to 30 well-known large companies to become the  development of instrumentation industry, "leading" to drive the  industry-wide development. No  "leading" enterprises to take the lead in the development of small  businesses rely on the development of their own dispersion, the speed is  relatively slow. Therefore,  in 5 to 10 years to support the development of a number of key  enterprises in the revitalization of China's instrumentation industry is  also of strategic significance. Of the major categories of instrumentation, especially automation system integration, should have their own "leading" business. The  construction and development of key enterprises must be included in the  national planning, the state to give priority to support. Annex III of the instrumentation production base and the layout of key enterprises made specific recommendations.
3:the establishment of instrumentation development experts Steering Committee
Modern  instrumentation integrated optical, mechanical, electrical, computer  and other new technologies and application of a variety of basic  disciplines of the research results. Modern  instrumentation applications in the national economy of various  industries, scientific research, national defense construction, and  social life in all areas, therefore, instrumentation should not be  vested in a specific industry sector. Due  to historical reasons, China's instrumentation industry is scattered in  more than 20 departments and local long-term lack of unified planning  and coordination, the formation of scattered and low-level repetitive  production is very serious. The country's future management of the industry mainly through the development of policies and unified planning to achieve. For  the instrumentation industry, the establishment of an expert steering  committee, in the formulation of development policies and unified  planning and coordination as a government staff and advisory  organizations is necessary, but also in line with the state to change  management functions, give full play to intermediary organizations in  the development of the industry coordinated management The role of the policy. Experts  Steering Committee on the development of the whole industry, including  development planning, layout, policy and major project proposals, base  construction and the development of key enterprises, the organization of  government, industry, academia, research, gold, with the combination of  many can play Guiding role. The  State Planning Commission, Economic and Trade Commission and Ministry  of Science and Technology to establish the development of  instrumentation experts Steering Committee of the idea has been  accepted, the recommendations are also reported by the Economic and  Trade Commission read the three vice premiers. Specific recommendations on the nature, mandate, organization,  functioning and other aspects of the Steering Committee of the Expert  will be provided in annex II to the present report.
4:to speed up the state-owned enterprise system reform
State-owned  enterprises with other industries,like state-owned enterprises,due to the constraints of the old system, has accumulated a large number of  problems, seriously hindering the development of enterprises. However,  instrumentation enterprises generally small scale, history is not long, "burden" lighter, and easy to adjust the product structure, therefore,  instrumentation, state-owned enterprises restructuring is relatively  small. At  present, more than 4,000 state-owned enterprises, especially some key  enterprises, if the system can be achieved as soon as possible, the  instrumentation industry undoubtedly injected new vitality, will greatly  promote and promote the role. State-owned  enterprise restructuring is not determined by the enterprise itself,  but also with the central policy and local government arrangements are closely related. It is suggested that the state should speed up the restructuring of  state-owned enterprises to make clear requirements, and promote the  instrumentation of state-owned enterprise restructuring will have a positive role in promoting.
5:to support a number of current domestic demand, in economic construction and scientific research work with the exemplary role of the construction project as the development of instrumentation industry  rely on the project. Within  five years, we can select a batch of construction projects in the field of iron and steel, chemical industry, environmental protection, light  industry and so on as the development of instrumentation industry rely  on the project. Construction  of a number of modern instrumentation research and engineering  development center as the development of instrumentation industry,  relying on technology to promote the industrialization of innovation  results. "Tenth Five-Year" period, the instrumentation industry must establish at least 10 to 12 research and engineering development center.
6:China's military field instrumentation R & D and production has a  strong strength, but long-term decoupling with the civilian, the  development of China's instrumentation industry is a huge loss. It is suggested that the state should formulate policies to comprehensively deploy and encourage the transformation of military and  civilian sectors. At the same time, civilian enterprises should be encouraged to accept military tasks and penetrate each other and promote development.