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Common tips about the daily maintenance of the ultrasonic level meter

Aug 20, 2019

Ultrasonic level meter is a kind of non-contact instrument, it can measure the medium flow of large diameter and also can be used for the measurement of medium which is not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, almost without the interference of the various parameters of the medium, in particular, it can solve the flow measurement problems about not strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable explosive medium which other instruments cannot do. Here we’ll give you some tips about the daily maintenance of the ultrasonic level meter?


Check the appearance of the instrument is damaged.

Check whether the technical requirements of the measuring points are met, such as process temperature, pressure, ambient temperature, measuring range, etc.

Check that the measured value is consistent with the actual value. The installation site is protected from sun and rain.

Check that the terminal position is correct, that the cable gland is tightened, and that the housing cover is tightened. If there is an auxiliary power supply, the display module is displayed.

In the use of the ultrasonic flowmeter, the power supply must be consistent with the data on the nameplate, the power should be cut off before wiring.


Common solution for problems in the daily use of the ultrasonic level meter





No display on the screen, no sound of the probe

Check the power supply is normal.


Screen error message ERR 01

Check the connection of the probe is normal.


Screen error message ERR 02

The probe is inconsistent with the transmitter ID, by pressing the key to set the ID consistent.


Abnormal operation of Relay

Check whether the relay settings meet the requirements.


The meter shows normal, but the output signal current is abnormal

Check whether the wiring is correct, whether the current load impedance to meet the requirements, the central Control room module is configured properly


The panel is not displayed but the probe has a sound

Check whether the LCD connection is normal


Invalid keyboard key

Check the keyboard connection is normal


The instrument and the host computer cannot communicate

Check the wiring, ID, communication rate, communication protocol is correct.


Instrument close-up measurement of normal, far-distance measurement anomalies

First, check whether the installation is normal, and then check whether the parameter settings are reasonable.


Near-end deadlock in the instrument

Check whether it is the real reaction of the working conditions, check whether the parameters are reasonable.