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Comparison of the fault solving methods between the magnetic flip plate level meter and the magnetic float ball level meter

Dec 28, 2018

Comparison of the fault solving methods between the magnetic flip plate level meter and the magnetic float ball level meter

The magnetic flip plate level meter has the scene display, the magnetic float ball level meter does not necessarily have the scene display, this is the biggest difference between the two.

Magnetic plate level meter can be used for all kinds of tower, tank, ball container and boiler equipment such as medium level detection. The series of liquid level meters can be high sealing, leakage prevention and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance occasions.It makes up for the glass plate (pipe) level indicator poor clarity, easy to break and other defects, and the whole process of measurement without blind area, clear display, measurement range.Parts and components of the magnetic tilting plate liquid level meter are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L, OCr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni9Ti lined PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PVC, PP and other materials and imported components, which have excellent reliability and corrosion resistance.

Comparison of the fault solving methods between the magnetic flip plate level meter and the magnetic float ball level meter

The maglev of the high temperature type maglev liquid level meter will have degaussing phenomenon in the process of using the maglev, which will lead to the failure of the maglev liquid level meter.High temperature magnetic flip plate level gauge (especially high temperature and high pressure magnetic flip plate level gauge) its use temperature is generally more than 180 degrees Celsius, its installation and disassembly has a certain risk.

The solution to the demagnetization phenomenon of the liquid level meter of magnetic flip plate can be divided into the following aspects:

A. from the perspective of design, appropriate hard magnetic materials should be selected.For example, the use of Curie temperature above the use of more than 20% of the temperature, ensure that after five years of magnetic remanence over the critical value of magnetic materials

B. From the perspective of production, the following points should be paid attention to when processing maglev:

1. When welding (argon arc welding), cooling measures should be taken to avoid the temperature of magnetic materials at the maglev exceeding the Curie temperature of magnetic materials.

2. Inert gas (such as argon) is filled in the maglev;

C. From the perspective of use, users should do the following:

1. Select the appropriate model when ordering, so as to reach the standard temperature of the magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge;

2, in use, to observe the use of the liquid level meter at any time (whether normal service), but also to record the actual temperature of the medium (I have seen such a situation, the actual temperature used is often higher than the temperature on the parameter table, the design of the parameter table may ignore some factors).

Maglev ball liquid level meter, it is a kind of commonly used measurement of liquid level meter, has simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, etc, and widely used in oil processing, food processing, chemical industry, water treatment, pharmaceutical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, shipbuilding and boiler in the field of liquid level measurement, control, and monitoring.However, in the detection process, due to the influence of interference factors, the following fault problems will occur to the maglev ball level meter, affecting the accuracy of the measurement results. Therefore, next, we will understand the fault problems of the maglev ball level meter:

Comparison of the fault solving methods between the magnetic flip plate level meter and the magnetic float ball level meter

1. After the liquid level meter is put into use for a period of time, the float is difficult to float and the float is not sensitive to movement.This is essentially caused by magnetic floaters coated with iron filings or other dirt.Can first empty the medium, and then take out the float, eliminate magnetic float with iron chips or other dirt can be.

2. I occasionally found that the float was not sensitive enough to move up and down during on-site adjustment.This is mostly caused by improper liquid level meter device, at this time to pay attention to the center of the upper and lower flange can be in a line, can be vertical with the degree surface.Generally speaking, and degree surface Angle is not less than 87 degrees, if the deviation is larger, may affect the smooth movement of the float.

3. When selecting this type of liquid level meter, pay special attention to whether the resistance of the liquid level meter and the safety gate can match.

4. The liquid level meter of the magnetic float ball is adjusted normally, and it is found that the float "holds" in a certain position for a period of time after operation.This is mainly produced when the liquid level gauge passes through the steel platform device and is too close to the steel plate.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the distance between the wall of the connecting pipe and the cutting edge of the platform.

5, in the process of using the liquid level meter, if the output signal produces frequent disturbance or interference pulse, it is necessary to check whether the signal cable shield layer is firmly grounded, the working connection is whether the resistance can meet the requirements.

6. When the liquid level meter is put into use on site, special attention should be paid to opening the upper gate valve and then the lower gate valve.This is because the bottom of the level meter connection pipe is equipped with the thrust spring to maintain the float, otherwise, the role of large differential pressure may crash the float and cause the level meter to be unable to use.

7, if because carry or other reason incur the airtight glass pipe that the spot indicates to use is cracked, can use homebred glass pipe to change.But the priority is vacuuming.Also pay attention to whether the glass tube is vertical, so as not to affect the indicator indicator.

Comparison of the fault solving methods between the magnetic flip plate level meter and the magnetic float ball level meter

8, the use of magnetic float ball level meter should pay special attention to, do not use a strong magnet in the connection pipe up and down to pull the float to stop inspection, otherwise it will cause magnetic float magnetization and change the polarity, and will make the float magnetic weakening, resulting in difficult to work normally.

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