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DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter manual

Dec 26, 2018

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter manual

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter is a fully intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter developed by our company using advanced technology at home and abroad. Its all-Chinese electromagnetic converter core adopts high-speed central processing unit. The calculation speed is very fast, the precision is high, and the measurement performance is reliable. The converter circuit design adopts international new technology, the input impedance is up to 10 15 ohms, the common mode rejection ratio is better than 100db, and the external conductivity and 60Hz/50Hz interference suppression ability is better than 90db, which can measure the lower conductivity fluid. Media flow. The sensor adopts a new technology of non-uniform magnetic field and a special magnetic circuit structure. The magnetic field is stable and reliable, and the volume is greatly reduced, the weight is reduced, and the flowmeter has the characteristics of small size and light weight. It is our company's tenet to make customers "buy the peace of mind, use the peace of mind, and serve the heart".

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter manual

First, the characteristics:

1. Miscellaneous materials and fibers do not affect measurement

2, the body lining: Teflon, polyurethane 2 kinds of corrosion resistant lining

3, antibacterial anti-stick electrode

4, positive and negative measurement cumulative flow

5, intelligent self-diagnosis function, comprehensively solve your worries

Second, technical parameters:

Nominal diameter (mm) (special specifications can be customized)

Pipeline PTFE lining: DN10 ~ DN600

Pipeline rubber lining: DN40~DN2200

Flow direction: positive, negative, net flow

Range ratio: 150:1

Repeatability error: ±0.1% of measured value

Accuracy level: pipeline type: 0.5 level, 1.0 level

Temperature of the measured medium: ordinary rubber lining: -20 ~ +60 ° C; high temperature rubber lining: -20 ~ +90 ° C

Polytetrafluoroethylene lining: -30 ~ +100 ° C; high temperature PTFE lining: -20 ~ +180 ° C

Rated working pressure: (high pressure can be customized) DN10-DN150: ≤1.6MPa; DN200-DN350: ≤1.0MPa

DN400-DN1000: ≤0.6MPa; DN450-DN2200: ≤0.25MPa

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter manual

Third, the installation steps are as follows:

DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed on vertical pipeline or on horizontal or inclined pipeline, but the center connection of the two electrodes is required to be horizontal.

▲ The medium should be filled with pipe at the installation position to avoid dissatisfying the pipe and gas from adsorbing on the electrode.

▲When the flowmeter is installed in the position where the medium is not full, you can take the method of raising the back pipe of the flowmeter to make it full. It is strictly forbidden to install the flowmeter at the pipe point and the water outlet.

▲The length of the straight pipe before and after the flowmeter: the front section ≥10DN, the back end ≥5DN (DN is the pipe diameter)

▲Flange connection, spot welding the mating flange to the pipe, connecting the bolt to the flange on the body. Welding is then carried out.

▲Installation type Firstly, the two flanges and the pipe on the main body are welded, and the flowmeter is installed together with bolts and nuts, and spot welding is performed.

I hope this DN450 electromagnetic flowmeter manual can help you better install and use our products.