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Double flange level gauge working principle and fault repair work

Apr 03, 2019

Double flange level gauge working principle and fault repair work

Double flange level gauge fault repair is a more skilled workers for the staff. In order to better deal with the problem of double flange level gauge, let us know about the routine maintenance work.

Double flange level gauge

1. Purpose: To help and guide the team to effectively deal with the failure of the double flange differential pressure transmitter, analyze the existing dangers, and take corresponding safety measures to avoid the safety and quality of the operation.

2, The scope of application: double flange differential pressure transmitter in each device

3, The adoption of standards: instrument maintenance and repair procedures

4, The working principle: flange type differential pressure transmitter has a single flange, double flange, plug-in and other structural forms, can be selected according to different situations. The flange of the transmitter is directly connected to the flange on the container. The measuring head (metal bellows), which is a sensitive component, communicates with the measuring chamber of the transmitter via a capillary, and is closed in the bellows, capillary and measuring chamber. The system is filled with silicone oil as a pressure transmitting medium to isolate the transmitter from the measured medium. The transmitter itself works exactly the same as a normal differential pressure transmitter.

5. Operational procedures, hazard analysis, safety measures: Upon receiving the process call, first rush to the main control room and the site, observe and inquire about the fault phenomenon, master the hand material, then go to the site for JHA analysis, and apply to the workshop. The work ticket is only started when the process guardian arrives at the scene.

6. Analysis, judgment and treatment of common fault phenomena:

7. Tools and labor insurance requirements:

Tools used: personal tools, multimeters, FCX rangers; when disassembled, a 30" Torx wrench, 32" Torx wrench, a clean rag or plastic film is required;

Labor insurance requirements: work clothes, wear safety helmets, eye protection and protective gloves (or acid and alkali gloves); even oxygen breathing apparatus, seat belts; protective masks must be worn when disassembling.

The above is the sharing of the fault repair content of the double flange level gauge. I hope everyone can understand learning. Want to know more about the double flange level gauge, single flange level gauge, hygienic pressure transmitter, magnetostrictive level gauge, and other pressure level transmitter information, contact Xi'an Huaheng instrument: huahengxa@gmail.com +86-18048613163