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​Drilling machine safety operation procedures

Apr 29, 2019

 Safety Operating Regulations for Dilling Machines

 1. Wear protective clothing and protective glasses as required before operation. Do not wear gloves to prevent the drill bit from turning into a twist. Women must wear safety helmets, and the disciples should be placed in the caps. Do not wear skirt shoes.

 2. Check whether the machine tool drive is normal before opening. Whether the workpiece is clamped correctly, whether the safety guard is safe and reliable, and whether the coolant flap is intact.

 3. When the rocker drilling machine is clamping the workpiece, the rocker arm must be moved away from the workpiece and raised, and the car is corrected. After calibration, use the pressure plate to press or clamp the work, and remove the debris in time to avoid injury.

 4. Do not put other things on the surface of the drill press. You must stop when changing the drill bit, fixture and loading and unloading the workpiece. For taper shank with burr and unclean, it is not allowed to be loaded into the spindle taper hole. Wedge iron should be used for loading and unloading the drill bit. It is strictly prohibited to hit with a hammer.

 5. When drilling a small workpiece, use a bench vise and clamp it before drilling. It is strictly forbidden to stop the rotating drill bit by hand.

 6. When the thin plate, large or long workpiece is drilled vertically, it must be pressed firmly. It is strictly forbidden to hold the workpiece by hand. When drilling the through hole, the speed should be slowed down to prevent damage to the workbench.


7. After the machine is started, remove the iron filings and use a brush to prohibit blowing with the mouth.

 8. Within the range of drilling and rocker rotation, it is not allowed to stack items and should be kept clean.

 9. After the work is finished, the power should be cut off and the drill bit must be removed. The headstock must be close to the end.

 Lower the cross arm to the lower end of the column and brake the car to prevent accidents. At the same time, the cleaning tools are used for machine maintenance.