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Duties of production scheduling

Apr 29, 2019

1. carefully review the production process sheet to ensure its integrity and correctness, and communicate with the production workshop in time to ensure the customer's delivery date.

2.according to the production process, the collaborative warehouse administrator does a good job of printing the outbound order, signing, and certificate production. And carefully check the signs, certificates and customer requirements - three, plan, coordinate the material supply work in the production process, take effective measures to ensure smooth production and delivery work.


4. implement the company's cost control work, and ensure the normal operation of the production, down

Low inventory levels and increased capital usage.

5. Work with the warehouse management personnel to do the delivery of the finished product, and carefully check the production process sheet to ensure

The shipping parts are packed in a complete and correct manner.

6. Seriously implement the company's various rules and regulations to ensure the coordination of production materials supply and production.

Make the production work orderly.

Seventh, carefully review the warehouse material distribution work, and timely and effectively supervise the warehouse account. The work of building cards and cards will ensure the perfect rate of accounts and physical cards.

8. Obey other work assigned by the superior.