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Duties of warehouse management posts

Apr 29, 2019

1. Strictly implement the warehouse entry and exit system. When materials, finished products, and semi-finished products enter and leave the warehouse, the warehouse management personnel shall verify whether the quantity, specifications, types, etc. are consistent with the manifest, and only when the confirmation is correct, the warehouse can be processed.

2. The materials and finished products and semi-finished products that are stored in the warehouse should be stored in separate categories, so that the piles, rows, and rows are placed neatly and neatly, and the material inventory card is set in time to make it visible.

3. The transmitter business unit must go to the warehouse to pick up the materials according to the production process, and the warehouse management personnel are matched according to the unqualified production task list; the sensor business department picks the materials with the picking list.


4. The warehouse management personnel should make the account work day clear and monthly, the account book is issued, and the report is submitted on time, so that the account and the physical card are consistently determined to do the waste material recycling and repair processing of the production line. 5. Seriously implement the 5S management work, keep abreast of the warehouse material reserves, communicate with the dispatch in time, ensure that the warehouse materials are adequately prepared, and operate normally, without affecting the production schedule and customer delivery period.

6. Do a good job in warehouse moisture, fire, explosion-proof, anti-theft work, and keep the warehouse clean and air circulation, chemical materials must be regularly checked to prevent deterioration and deterioration.

7, collaborative scheduling to prepare for the delivery, and carefully verify the quantity and model of the order, to ensure that the delivery work is nothing. Regularly check the recycling of invoices and the processing of unexecuted contracts, so that there is no long-term backlog of products in the delivery area.

8. The warehouse management staff is based on their own work, skilled in the warehousing business, familiar with the characteristics and performance of the company's products, abide by the company's various rules and regulations, and complete other tasks arranged by the superior.