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Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters must be prepared before starting up

Jan 11, 2019

Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters must be prepared before starting up

The pressure sensor of the explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter is  one of the component components and is also an important component. The function of the sensor is to convert the properties of the substance into physical quantities that can be measured using simple methods, such as the principle that a sensor can be attracted to a magnetic field by oxygen molecules, so that the flow of air through the line with the magnetic field and the line without the magnetic field The difference in air flow is caused by the difference in heat dissipation, and the temperature of the two heating elements is compared to detect the oxygen content in the air. Therefore, the output of the sensor has no specific rules on the energy structure, size, form, and the measured relationship.

Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters are used to measure the liquid level, flow and pressure of liquids, gases or vapors under high working pressure conditions and then converted to 4-20 mA DC signal outputs. The intelligent type can communicate with the HART Communicator to set, monitor or form a field monitoring system with the host computer.


The explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter consists of an integrated intelligent sensor and peripheral circuits. The sensor part is composed of a pressure sensor, a signal modulation circuit, a dedicated digital processing chip, a temperature sensor and a data memory, and the peripheral electronic circuit part is composed of an LCD display, function keys and an EMC circuit. The pressure signal is converted into an electrical signal by the pressure sensor, and the electrical signal is modulated and sent to a dedicated digital processing chip for data processing, and then converted into a 4~20 mA output signal corresponding to the pressure signal, and the HART digital signal is superimposed on the current signal for communication. .

Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter is an indispensable key component in the fluid industry. Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter is mainly used in the following fields:

1. Petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries are matched with throttling devices to provide accurate flow measurement and control. It can measure the pressure and level of pipes and tanks.

Second, machinery, shipbuilding, used to strictly control the location of high-precision conditions requiring stable measurement.

Third, pulp and paper, used in places requiring chemical resistant liquids, corrosion-resistant liquids, etc.

4. Electric power, city gas, and other company businesses require high stability and high precision measurement.

5. Steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, used for furnace pressure measurement and other places requiring high stability, high-precision measurement, etc., used in places where stable measurement is required under strict control (temperature, humidity, etc.).


Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters must be prepared before starting up:

1. Check whether the components of the explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter are installed, whether the fastening components are firm, and all the components are complete and intact.

2. Whether the safety devices are all done, whether there is electricity or not.

3. Whether the bearing part is filled with lubricating oil, there is no impurity in the lubricating oil, the oil should be in proper amount, and it is sealed.

4. Check whether the dust removal equipment is installed properly, the data of each parameter is adjusted well, whether the dust removal equipment is effective, whether the load is intact, and the buffer device is reliable and unreliable.

5. The last item is to check whether there are any sundries or leftover materials in the differential pressure transmitter. Be sure to do this before the machine works.

The preparation of the explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter is the above five points. Do not underestimate these points. Every point is the key. It is the proof that the machine can run normally. Can it prove that the work efficiency is high? Be sure to prepare before working.

The application of explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters has certain applications in industries such as industry, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, metallurgy and electric power. Pressure sensors are the most widely used in the petrochemical industry and have provided great help for the development of the petrochemical industry.

Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitters can be used to monitor differential pressures of liquids, gases and vapors. Accuracy is 0.5%, 4-20mA standard output signal, optional 1-5VDC output. NEMA 4 rated housing, all 316 stainless steel for harsh applications and compatible with most media. It is CSA-certified for use in hazardous locations and is also certified by the American Society of Corrosion Engineers for use in offshore installations.