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Fault detection method of magnetic liquid level transmitter

Dec 05, 2018

Fault detection method of magnetic liquid level transmitter

Magnetic liquid level transmitter can eliminate the leakage of pressure guide pipe which may pollute the surrounding environment.It can avoid the tedious work of adding isolation fluid frequently due to unstable measurement signal when using isolation fluid.The continuous and accurate measurement interface and density of magnetic liquid level transmitter require that the transmission device should avoid mixing with different instantaneous media as far as possible, so that the measurement results can truly reflect the actual situation of process changes.


Fault detection method of magnetic liquid level transmitter

Currently, magnetic liquid level transmitter is used for cleaning health demanding more occasions, we often see, such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry production industry, not only do they require of the transmitter of the medium contact to accord with national health standards, and at the same time also should be easy to wash, to prevent cross contamination of different mass media.The sensor part of the product can be directly put into the liquid, magnetic liquid level transmitter part can be fixed by flange or bracket, installation and use is very convenient.



Detection method of magnetic liquid level transmitter:


1. Survey method:


Review the ignition, smoke, odor, power supply changes, lightning strike, moisture, incorrect operation and maintenance before failure.


2. Intuitive method:


Observe the external damage of the circuit, leakage of the pressure guide pipe, overheating of the circuit, power supply switch state, etc.


Fault detection method of magnetic liquid level transmitter

3. Detection method:


1) open circuit detection: separately from the rest parts of the suspected fault and to see whether the fault disappear, if lost, then determine the malfunction, or step into the next search, such as: magnetic liquid level transmitter can't normal Hart, telecommunication, power supply can be disconnected from the table body, the method of field plus power electricity to communicate, to see if the cable stack 2 KHZ electromagnetic signals interfere with communication.


2) short circuit detection: under the condition of ensuring safety, directly connect the relevant part of the circuit. For example, if the output value of the magnetic liquid level transmitter is too small, the pressure guide pipe can be disconnected. Directly lead the differential pressure signal from the pressure valve to both sides of the transmitter, observe the output of the transmitter, and judge the plugging and leakage connectivity of the pressure guide pipe.

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