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Fault treatment of magnetic float level meter

Dec 18, 2018

Fault treatment of magnetic float level meter

Magnetic float level meter is a continuous current signal or resistance signal that converts the liquid level signal into 4-20ma, and is connected to the secondary display instrument or control room by cable for centralized indication and observation.Products by the body, float, flange or thread and liquid level transmitter and other components.

The main difference between maglev liquid level meter and other floating ball liquid level meter is that it is designed and produced based on the principle of buoyancy and static magnetic field.The position of magnetic floating ball (referred to as floating ball) in the medium under test is affected by buoyancy: the change of liquid level leads to the change of magnetic float position.

Maglev ball level meter is based on drawing lessons from similar products at home and abroad, actively absorb, blend the advantages of many similar products, through the company's technical staff bold improvement of the original product structure on the basis of careful design.Using high quality magnets and imported electronic components, the product has the following advantages: simple structure, easy to use, stable performance, long service life, easy to install and maintain, etc. 

It can be widely used in the fields of petroleum processing, food processing, chemical industry, water treatment, pharmacy, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, ship and boiler.


Working principle of magnetic float level meter:

Magnets and sensors (reed switches) in the float act to change the number of elements (such as constant resistance) that are connected to the circuit, thereby changing the electrical quantity of the instrument circuit system.That is, changes in the position of the magnetic float cause changes in electrical quantities.The change of electrical quantity is detected to reflect the liquid level in the container.

The meter can directly output resistance value signal, also can cooperate with r-i converter, output current value (4 ~ 20mA) signal;At the same time with other converters, the output voltage signal and its switching signal (according to the customer demand converter by the company distribution).So as to realize the remote transmission and control of electrical signals.

The treatment methods for three types of common faults are as follows:

Malfunction i. abnormal indication

The abnormal indication of float level gauge is a very common fault of float level gauge.There are usually the following manifestations:

Phenomenon 1. The floating ball level meter in the workshop under normal pressure shows the largest indication.

Fault handling: it is found that the weight of the float ball is at the lowest point through inspection, indicating that the liquid level of the meter is high.The glass plate on the spot is not matched with the indicator of the instrument. Usually, the floating ball of the instrument falls off, which leads to the phenomenon of false liquid level with high liquid level.At this point, it can be handled by stopping for maintenance and replacing the float ball.

Phenomenon 2. The floating ball level meter in the aromatics tank area does not change with the liquid level in the container, but always indicates the maximum

Fault handling: check whether the float ball falls off at this time. If it falls off, reinstall it.

Phenomenon 3, the float level indicator is low

Fault handling: the above fault phenomenon may be caused by the falling off of the float ball, the break of the float ball connecting rod, the damage of the float ball conversion mechanism, the damage of the float ball pointer or the watch head, etc.If the instrument conversion mechanism, floating ball linkage rotation is flexible, the pointer and the head of the table without obstacles, then the floating ball linkage should be replaced, if still can not eliminate the fault, should be combined with the above reasons to eliminate one by one.

Phenomenon 4, floating ball level transmitter suddenly no indication

Fault treatment: if the measurement circuit voltage, no signal, the primary component power polarity is not connected to the reverse, the current conversion part of the current output, it indicates that the meter head is damaged, the float level meter meter meter head should be replaced.


Fault two, by magnetic field interference

If the floating ball liquid level meter appears the wrong movement phenomenon, according to the floating ball liquid level meter working principle analysis, is mostly caused by the magnetic field interference.Because the float ball and guide rod of the float ball liquid level meter contain magnetic objects, if they are interfered by other magnetic fields in the application environment, it will affect the normal operation of the instrument, and even lead to the appearance of degaussing the instrument components.

Fault handling: please check whether there is a strong magnetic field around the instrument and container in time, and confirm that there is no magnetic impurity in the liquid under test. If there is a magnetic field, please remove it in time to avoid abnormal floating ball level meter caused by magnetic field interference.

Fault 3. The float ball is stuck

The ball is stuck, usually because the fluid under test contains impurities and dirt. Over time, the guide rod will gradually scale.If the float ball is stuck, it will cause no signal output from the meter.

Fault handling: if the floating ball is stuck, the instrument personnel should timely check the status of the floating ball, check whether there is scale condensation on the surface of the guide rod, and clean it as soon as possible.Especially for the liquid under test containing impurities, the instrument staff should regularly clean the instrument guide bar.


Maintenance of magnetic float level gauge

(1) There should be no solid impurities or magnetic impurities in the body of the liquid level gauge cylinder, so as not to cause stuck resistance and reduce buoyancy to the float.

(2) According to the media conditions, the main pipe can be regularly cleaned to remove sediment impurities in the pipe.

(3) After cleaning the liquid level meter or changing the float, open the blowdown flange. When loading the magnetic float, the heavy end with the magnetic end upward shall be noted and shall not be inverted.

(4) For low-temperature and LPG special products, the main body of the liquid level meter adopts vacuum jacket insulation, pay attention not to damage the jacket during installation and use, so as not to affect the quality of the product.

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