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Flow Measurement of Corrosive Media in Flowmeter

Mar 01, 2017

Flowmeter  measurement of the media there are many types, there are common type  and corrosive, for corrosive media, in the flowmeter selection must be  anti-corrosion corrosion treatment.

1, corrosion Corrosion is the metal in its environment due to chemical damage and the phenomenon of destruction. All metals and alloys can be decay resistant to certain environments, but are sensitive to corrosion in other environments. In general, for all the environment are corrosion-resistant industrial metal materials is not there.

2, corrosive media on the flow measurement instrument damage to the  corrosive media flow measurement instrument is a serious threat:

A.  Corrosive media will flow measurement instruments and media in direct  contact with the key parts of the corrosion, so that damage, loss of  function. For example, corrosion caused by differential pressure transmitter diaphragm damage, silicone oil leakage and complete failure. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode due to corrosion caused by media leakage, resulting in excitation coil burned.

B.  The key components of the flowmeter are changed geometrically for a  long time by corrosion of corrosive media, resulting in reduced  instrument accuracy. For  example, the rotor in the rotor flowmeter is corroded by the fluid, and  the dimensions are reduced, resulting in a low flow indication. Also, if the vortex generator in the vortex flowmeter is corroded by  the fluid and the width is reduced, the surface of the welcoming surface  becomes rough, causing the flow coefficient to change.

C. Shorten instrument life. Such as metal tube rotor flowmeter in the cone and other parts, the use of a few years later, the welding was rotten wear.

D. Corrosive media leakage, if not found in time, but also easily lead to safety and personal accidents.

3, the flow measurement of fluid corrosion measures

A, regular replacement of corrosive media corrosion of metal, the situation is varied. Some  corrosion rate is very fast, that is, comprehensive corrosion, and some  corrosion is mild, very slow, that is, local corrosion. In the selection of the instrument should be specific to the specific situation analysis, and then make a decision.

B, avoid heavy. Avoid  the light is in the process and have the characteristics of the media  on the basis of in-depth understanding of the rational choice of  measurement programs, the same can achieve the purpose of measurement or  control of the production process to avoid the strong corrosive parts,  and selected in the less corrosive Of the parts, and even change the type of parameters being tuned.