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flow meter

Oct 15, 2016

Flow measurement development can be traced back to the ancient water conservancy projects and urban water supply system. Roman Caesar era has been used to measure the residents of drinking water orifice. Around 1000 BC Ancient Egypt used the weir method to measure the flow of the Nile. China's famous water conservancy project Dujiangyan Du water level observation of the size of the water bottle.

Flowmeter is  divided into differential pressure flowmeter, rotor flowmeter, throttle  flowmeter, slit flowmeter, volumetric flowmeter, electromagnetic  flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter. By medium: liquid flowmeter and gas flowmeter.

From  the mechanical flowmeter to the electronic technology Flowmeter  innovation is one of the most important development trend of the  flowmeter. Target  flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex  flowmeter and V cone flowmeter(orifice flowmeter) using the electrical  principle of work, thus avoiding the mechanical flowmeter work need to  replace the moving parts. At  the same time, self-diagnostic function was introduced into the  flowmeter, making the flow meter is not only a simple measurement tools,  more for system maintenance purposes, such as: empty pipe detection and  self-inspection. And, in the electronic flowmeter in combination with advanced  communication technology, enables the control personnel to be able to  obtain the flow field data and the historical data in the production  scene remotely real-time.
According  to Frost & Sullivan research, about 89.0% of the current global  flow meter using mAHART communication protocol, because the mAHART  communication protocol flowmeter in the installation of the difficulty  and operational requirements are lower than the field bus protocol  flowmeter, and the introduction of fieldbus system on The user is also a no small cost. However,  as industry users continue to improve the level of automation, in  addition to traffic data from the flow of information in addition to  obtaining more information, such as diagnostic information and status  testing, these data transfer needs to rely on field bus support. Moreover,  Siemens and Emerson and other manufacturers are focused on the  implementation of field bus protocol flow measurement technology. I believe that this will promote the application of field bus protocol flowmeter in various industries prospects.