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How to Ensure the Accuracy of Flowmeter Measurement

Jan 05, 2017

Flow  measurement accuracy refers to the accuracy of the flow measurement  system, it is the accuracy of the flowmeter itself is different. Only the flowmeter itself, good performance, high accuracy, not necessarily to obtain a higher measurement accuracy. To  ensure the accuracy of the flow measurement system, in addition to a  reasonable selection, proper installation and commissioning, timely  maintenance and maintenance, the application of intelligent technology  to measure some of the errors may be just right compensation and  correction is also an effective method. For  example, the liquid temperature coefficient of expansion compensation,  the gas temperature, pressure and compression coefficient to compensate  for the differential pressure flowmeter Reynolds number and flow  coefficient of expansion to compensate for a variety of flowmeter flow  coefficient of non-linear Compensation,  volumetric flowmeter, vortex flowmeter to compensate for the impact of  the temperature on the ultrasonic flowmeter velocity distribution  compensation. This  compensation and correction is a systematic approach to the detection  part of the inherent, relying on its own can not be overcome to deal  with the error, so eliminate or be basically eliminated. Practice shows that this method is simple and effective, very promising. In order to ensure the accuracy of many methods of measurement, online real-flow calibration plays an important role. Previously,  most of the off-line method of calibrating flowmeter, the use of the  method of flowmeter calibration error correction, although the higher  accuracy, but because of its reference line when the reference  conditions and the actual use of different nature of the test fluid and  the actual use Of  the fluid is different from the test when the environmental conditions  and the use of the instrument is not the same as the actual environment,  resulting in additional use of errors, reducing the measurement  accuracy. On-line real-time calibration is an effective method to solve this problem. For  example, the oil metering station in the construction phase to set  aside the standard volume pipe connection, access to the standard volume  tube, the valve can be achieved through the switch to the metering  station flow meter on-line real-time calibration. Now, in the natural gas distribution station also requires the use of online real-flow calibration method.