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How to install ultrasonic flowmeter

Dec 07, 2018

How to install ultrasonic flowmeter?

Before the installation

Proper selection of ultrasonic flowmeter ensures better use of ultrasonic flowmeter.What kind of ultrasonic flowmeter should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the medium to be measured?Make ultrasonic flowmeter diameter, flow range, lining material, electrode material and output current, etc.?Can adapt to the characteristics of the measured body and flow measurement requirements.

1. Precision function inspection

Precision grade and function according to the requirements of measurement and the use of occasions to choose the precision grade of the instrument, to achieve economic and cost-effective.For example, for the purposes of trade settlement, product handover and energy measurement, the accuracy level should be higher, such as 1.0, 0.5 or higher.In the case of process control, different accuracy levels shall be selected according to the control requirements;Some are only to test the process flow, do not need to do accurate control and measurement of the occasion, you can choose a slightly lower accuracy level, such as level 1.5, 2.5, or even 4.0, then you can choose the low price of inserted ultrasonic flowmeter.

2. Measurable media

When measuring media velocity, meter range and diameter measurement of general media, ultrasonic flow meter full flow can be measured in the media velocity of 0.5 -- 12m/s range, the range is relatively wide.Choose different instrument specifications (diameter) and process piping, the same shall consider whether measuring flow range within the scope of the flow velocity, namely when the pipeline flow rate is low, can not meet the requirement of the flow meter, or under the velocity measurement accuracy of the quasi cannot guarantee, the need to reduce the size instrument, which carry high tube flow velocity, measurement results are satisfied.

How to install ultrasonic flowmeter?


Ultrasonic flowmeter display instrument should be installed indoors to avoid frequency conversion control cabinet and other interference sources, clean power supply 220V

Due to the installation position of the sensor, the state of the pipeline under test has a great impact on the measurement accuracy, so please select the place that meets the following conditions.

1. Good roundness, smooth inner surface and uniform pipe wall.

2. Note "D is the inner diameter of the pipe" for the straight pipe segment 5 days upstream and 3 days or more downstream.

3. The pipeline under test must be filled with liquid.

4. There must be enough space for easy installation and operation of ultrasonic flowmeter sensor.

5. In horizontal pipelines under test, sensors should not be installed on the top and bottom of pipelines, and avoid uneven pipelines and welding seams.

How to install ultrasonic flowmeter?

Installation of ultrasonic flowmeter sensor

1. On the area around the fixed installation position about one times larger than the sensor, clean the paint, rust and dirt on the pipe wall, and wipe away the exposed metal without uneven surface.

2. Install the fastener on the pipe according to figure 1 and 2, and fix it on the pipe with a stainless steel belt, which shall not be loose.

3. Lay the cable and connect the cable access hole to the terminal in the junction box.

4, each ultrasonic flow meter sensor transducer front, coated with a thick layer of coupling agent (butter), the sensor transducer surface and the pipe wall in contact, placed in the fastening component, and the pressure cover plate to the sensor pressure, coupling agent should be squeezed from the gaps around the sensor, forming a seal strip.Tighten the screw bolt button, pay attention to the four screw bolt force should be uniform, do not make the sensor offset.