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How to select the correct magnetic column level meter

Dec 27, 2018

How to select the correct magnetic column level meter

According to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling, the magnetic tilting column liquid level meter is developed.When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, tube of the magnetic float level gauge ontology is lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, column turn 180 ° driver red, white, double column level when it rises from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column level indicator at the junction of the red and white for the inside of a container of actual height, so as to realize level clear instructions.

How to select the correct magnetic column level meter

When measuring liquid with magnetic tilting column level meter, the method of top loading or side loading of bypass pipe is adopted.The liquid level indicator, liquid level switch and liquid level transmitter are installed outside the main body of magnetic tilting column.The magnetic element is placed inside the float ball or connected with the float ball through the jacking rod. When the magnetic element associated with the float ball changes with the liquid level, the magnetic color block (magnetic flip plate) is flipped.The magnetic liquid level switch ACTS at the corresponding liquid level;At the same time, the liquid level sensor, under the action of the magnetic force of the float ball, outputs the standard variable resistance signal, and then converts the resistance signal into 4-20ma current signal output through the transmitter.

How to select the correct magnetic column level meter

How to select the correct magnetic column level meter

The magnetic flip column level gauge must be properly selected in order to make it play its due effect, and also need to pay more attention during installation, otherwise it will easily affect the service life of the flowmeter.

Below, Huaheng first tells you about the points that need to be paid attention to regarding the selection of the magnetic flip column level gauge.

Magnetic flip column level gauge selection Note 1:

Density of gas: For gas turbine flowmeters, the influence of fluid properties is primarily the gas density, which has a large influence on the external coefficient, and is mainly in the low flow region. If the gas density changes frequently, the flow rate coefficient of the flow meter should be adopted. Loss of pressure: Try to use a turbine flow meter with low pressure loss. Because the smaller the pressure loss of the fluid through the turbine flow meter, the less energy the fluid will consume from the input to the output line, ie the total power required will be reduced, thereby greatly saving energy, reducing the cost of transportation, and improving utilization. .

Magnetic flip column level gauge selection Note 2:

Accuracy level: Generally speaking, the choice of turbine flowmeter is mainly based on its high accuracy, but the higher the accuracy of the flowmeter, the more sensitive the changes in the field operating conditions, so the selection of external accuracy should be stable. Think from the economic point of view. Regarding the transaction settlement of large-diameter gas pipelines, it is cost-effective to invest more in appearance, and it is sufficient to use medium-accuracy levels in cases where transportation volume is not large.

Magnetic flip column level gauge selection Note 3:

Flow scale: The selection of the flow scale of the magnetic flip column liquid level has a great influence on its accuracy and service life, and the flowmeter of each caliber has a certain measurement scale. The selection of the flowmeter caliber is also determined by the flow scale. of. The principle of selecting the size of the flow is: the minimum time of use