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Impact of the measured medium on the turbine flowmeter

May 01, 2017

Impact of the measured medium on the turbine flowmeter:
1,  for the production of high viscosity of the low-yield wells, it is  appropriate to adopt the system more sensitive to the turbine so that it  can accurately capture low speed (less than 0.01r / s) of the signal.
2,  before entering the linear section of the turbine response, K value  continues to rise, and with the flow meter Reynolds number exponential  growth relationship.
3, with the viscosity increase, the turbine flow meter K value will decline, while the linearity will be worse.
4,  with the increase in viscosity, turbine flowmeter start displacement  will be reduced, while the response of the minimum speed will decline.
5,  for the measurement of different viscous fluid turbine flowmeter, only  once in a high viscosity conditions under the Reynolds number of  different calibration, you can approximate the turbine flowmeter K value  and the relationship between the Reynolds number, and the reverse of  the turbine The response curves for different viscous fluids.