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Installation and maintenance of thermal gas mass flowmeter

Apr 15, 2017

Hot  gas mass flow meterbecause of its high precision and reliable  performance has been the majority of users of all ages, can be used to  measure a variety of shapes, materials, pipe diameter without  condensation of various gases. The following and "Huaheng instrument" flowmeter technology ,  to give you a detailed explanation of the hot gas mass flow meter  installation and maintenance methods, hoping to give you help.

1, integrated installation and connection requirements

⑴ If the converter is installed outdoors, need to install the instrument box, to avoid rain, sun.

⑵ prohibit the installation of strong vibration in the occasion,  prohibit the installation of a large number of corrosive gases in the  environment.

⑶ do not and inverter, welding machine and other polluting power  equipment sharing an AC power, if necessary, for the converter to  install clean power.

⑷  integrated plug-in should be inserted into the axis of the pipe under  test, so the length of the measuring rod depending on the size of the  measured diameter, orders should be stated. If it can not be inserted into the pipe axis, the calibration factor  will be provided by the manufacturer to complete the accurate  measurement.

⑸ integrated pipe section with flange connection, in line with GB GB / T9119-2000.

2, the installation of hot gas mass flowmeter

⑴ integrated plug-in installation by the factory to provide pipe fittings and valves. Do not weld the pipe by the factory to provide pipe fixture. For example, the pipe can be welded. First  connect the connector with the pipe, then install the valve and drill  with a special tool, and finally install the instrument. Maintenance of the instrument, remove the instrument, close the valve, does not affect the normal production.

⑵ pipe section installation should choose the appropriate standard flange and its connection.

⑶ installation, it should be noted that the instrument identified on  the "media flow mark" to the same direction with the actual flow of gas.

3, thermal gas mass flow meter debugging and operation of the  instrument on the potential to enter the measurement state, this time,  the actual conditions must be input data.

4, thermal gas mass flow meter maintenance

⑴ open the case, we must first power.

⑵ removal of the sensor, pay attention to pipe pressure, temperature or gas is toxic.

⑶ sensor is not sensitive to a small amount of dirt, but in the dirty environment, should also be regularly cleaned. Otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

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