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Instructions for installation and use of gear flow meter

Dec 27, 2018

Instructions for installation and use of gear flow meter

Gear flow meter is used to measure the liquid flow precision meters, direct reading cumulative meters, is the measurement of the total liquid flow through the pipeline volume flowmeter.Two counting mechanisms of mechanical display head and electronic display head can be selected. The display head has the functions of displaying cumulative flow, instantaneous flow and zero return, which can realize field display and remote transmission control.For different measuring media (acid, alkali, organic liquid, oil, food, etc.), different materials (cast steel, stainless steel and 316) can be selected for manufacturing, which is suitable for the flow measurement work of chemical, petroleum, medicine, electric power, metallurgy, food and other industrial departments.


Instructions for installation and use of gear flow meter

Installation and use of gear flow meter:


1. The instrument should be installed in the same direction as the arrow shown on the instrument case and the liquid direction, and the installation position should be easy to read.


2. Gear flow meter should be installed in normal temperature as far as possible. Do not install in hazardous gas and strong heat radiation, which may damage the meter counter.


3. Install it in a horizontal position as far as possible, and the immediate dial should be installed in a vertical position (the dividing "0" should be on it to reduce the friction between the two planes of the elliptic gear and the shell and reduce the wear of parts.


4. The instrument is installed at the output end of the pump. If it is installed at the suction end, the pressure loss of the instrument filter will increase the suction negative pressure of the pump.


5. Filter should be installed in front of the meter to prevent particles larger than 0.2mm from passing through. The filter should be easy to clean to prevent particles from blocking the gear flow meter.


6. Install the reverse valve in front of the meter, so that the liquid in the pipeline can only flow in one direction and prevent damage of the counter.


Instructions for installation and use of gear flow meter

7. When using the meter, the meter should be filled with liquid, and the liquid under test should not be mixed with gas, otherwise the measurement is inaccurate.Liquid mixed with gas must be installed in front of the meter gas separator.


8. Before the installation of the instrument, the pipe in front of the table should be carefully cleared of sundries. Only when the instrument is connected to the pipe, the sealing plug on the instrument interface can be removed to prevent sundries from entering the table.When installing instruments, debris should be prevented from falling into pipes.


9. When the flow exceeds the specified flow, the wear of the elliptic gear increases with the increase of revolution, and the pressure loss increases sharply. Therefore, it should be avoided.


10. Each instrument is calibrated at room temperature with no. 7 mechanical oil meter when it leaves the factory. The viscosity of oil varies with room temperature, and the normal temperature is 13 centipoors next month.In theory, the viscosity change of liquid measured by volumetric flowmeter will not affect the measurement accuracy, but in fact, there is a gap between the wall of the measurement room and the elliptical gear, and the leakage amount generated in the gap is affected by the viscosity of liquid.


Elliptical gear type flowmeter usage:


1. Thoroughly clean the pipe before installation and install the filter before the flowmeter to prevent sundries from entering the flowmeter.When the liquid under test contains gas, an air separator should be installed.


2, should pay attention to must be the flow meter elliptical gear shaft into a horizontal position, that is, the dial and the ground plane perpendicular.Adjust the flow and start, close the valve should be installed separately in the flow meter inlet and outlet end.


3. The arrow on the flowmeter shell should be pointed in the same direction as the liquid flow in the pipeline to be installed.


4, continuous flow of the pipeline, the installation of gear flow meter horizontal pipeline should be equipped with bypass valve, for regular cleaning, maintenance.In the vertical pipe flow meter, should be installed in the bypass pipe to prevent debris into the instrument.