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Intelligent transmitter to become the direction of the development of field instrumentation benchmark

Apr 25, 2017

The  microprocessor-based field intelligent instrument is produced by  conforming to the field bus. Similarly, the application of the field  intelligent instrument provides a good foundation for the development  and application of the fieldbus and puts forward new problems for expert  research. At  this stage of the field of intelligent instruments, as described in the  literature, due to communication protocol is not compatible, and take  into account the conventional instrument 4-20mA analog signal  transmission point. Is a last resort of a transitional product. Can not really adapt to the fieldbus real intelligent field instrument. It can not reduce the initial installation cost of the control system. It can not give full play to its own superior function, but can  not achieve the scene of intelligent information exchange between the  exchange of information and operation.

      however. Intelligent transmitter, after all, represents the rise of the new - generation transmitter, which uses today's many high-tech. Such  as sensor technology, microelectronics digital processing technology,  compared with the often transmitter, with high precision, good  stability, high reliability, wide measurement range, range than large  and so on. The advantage is that it implements digital communication. Through  the same communication protocol with the DCS system or field  communication controller can be a variety of intelligent transmitter  parameters to change, set, to achieve remote debugging, man-machine  dialogue. Monitor all kinds of data online. As with all smart meters, intelligent transmitters also have a complete self-diagnostic function. It  can be said that the current smart transmitter is a substitute for the  past, on behalf of the future development of field instrumentation of  the new transmitter.