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liquid level transmitter

Oct 10, 2016

Advantages of Level Transmitter:

    1: Installation is simple, easy to use, strong interchangeability.
    2: suitable for container liquid medium level, interface measurement. In addition to on-site instructions, but also with remote transmitter, alarm switch, detection function is complete.
    3: indicates the novel, intuitive readings, eye-catching, observe  the direction of the indicator can be changed according to user needs  angle.
    4: measuring range, not subject to storage tank height restrictions.
    5: indicates the body and the measured medium is completely isolated, tightness, high reliability, the use of safety.
    6: simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power, explosion-proof.
    7: High-quality sensor with high sensitivity, fast response,  accurately reflect the flow or static surface of the subtle changes in  the measurement accuracy.
    8: with intrinsically safe explosion-proof and isolation  explosion-proof capability, can be applied to a variety of dangerous  places.
    9: anti-jamming design can be achieved on the paste medium level measurement.
  10: 100% equal division, LED, LCD three instructions table head, on-site reading is very convenient.
  11: 4-20mA DC two-wire signal transmission, anti-interference ability, transmission distance.
  12: fine unique zero, full range, non-linear compensation, to  ensure the accuracy of the instrument within the conditions of use,  long-term stability.
  13: The pressure sensor directly senses the liquid level pressure,  is not affected by the medium bubbling, the deposition influence.
  14:  The use of a wide range of measured media can be measured oil, water  and compatible with the 316 stainless steel paste, with a certain degree  of anti-corrosion ability.