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Management rules for tool collars and borrowing

Apr 29, 2019

 Regulations on the Management of Tool Collar and Borrowing


 First, the internal rules of the tool 

 1. The warehouse will issue tools to the department according to the production situation. The department heads will do the distribution work according to the production situation, and the tools will be used to build the cards. After the ministers build the cards, they must be handed over to the warehouse office for archival filing.

2. All the second-handed tools equipped with tools must be replaced with old ones. The warehouses that have been damaged by humans will not be replaced.

3. After the employee leaves the post or the position is transferred, the employee must go to the warehouse to handle the handover procedure of the collar and borrowing tools or change the license card, and compensate for the non-refundable according to the relevant regulations of the company.

Second, the internal borrowing regulations:

 1. Temporary borrowed tools must be registered in accordance with the procedures for borrowing, otherwise they will not be lent.

 2. When the temporarily borrowed tools are returned, the warehouse personnel should confirm the integrity of the tools before they can be put into the warehouse.

3. When the borrowing tool is not returned within the specified time, the warehouse shall promptly notify the return. If it is lost or damaged, the reporting company shall handle the compensation according to relevant regulations.

 Third, the tool product borrowing regulations:

 1. Without affecting the normal work of the company, the tools (products) for temporary loan must be signed by the department leaders. Otherwise, they cannot be lent out. When lending, fill out the material borrowing list. When borrowing key work tools (products), they should be returned in time to avoid affecting normal production.

 2. The loan tool (product) must be handled by the non-treasury management personnel of the company. The three parties can clearly see the status of the tool (product) in person, and the person is responsible for the return of the whole process.

 4. When the loan tool (product) is returned, the custodian should confirm that the tool (product) is in good condition before proceeding with the account-writing procedure. If there is any damage, it shall be compensated according to the relevant regulations of the company.

 5. If the loan instrument fails to be returned in accordance with the prescribed time, it should be urged to remind the handling personnel to refrain from returning the compensation according to the relevant regulations of the company for a long time.