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THE measurement error of vortex flowmeter

Dec 06, 2018

THE measurement error of vortex flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter has been widely applied to industrial production, also more and more important role, if reflected in the process of using vortex flowmeter measurement data is not accurate, the first thing to do is to judge is not correct that has led to the error of the flow, the following, and everybody together discuss about the reason of the vortex flowmeter measurement error analysis:

THE measurement error of vortex flowmeter

1. Influence of temperature on measurement

Temperature on the general flow meter measurement medium will have an impact, the temperature of the high and low impact on the density of the medium, viscosity and so on, these will make the measurement results inaccurate, error.The elimination of this effect is generally to modify the K coefficient.At present, some manufacturers of the flow meter on the impact of temperature in the software fixed temperature correction and real-time temperature correction.

2. Influence caused by inconsistency between pipe diameter of vortex flowmeter.

3. Type selection

The calibre of the actual selection should be chosen as small as possible, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement, for example, a vortex pipeline design for several devices to use, because the process part sometimes does not use the equipment, the current actual use flow decreases, and the actual use of design model selection of the original diameter is too large, the equivalent of improved the measurable lower limit flow rate, process piping little traffic instructions cannot be guaranteed, the large flow can also be used, because if you want to reinvent sometimes too difficult. The change of process conditions is only temporary.Can be combined with parameter reset to improve the accuracy of the indication.

4. Vortex street flowmeter vortexes are affected by the accumulation of body inflow surface

If there are viscous particles in the measured flow body, they may gradually accumulate on the flow inlet surface of the vortex generating body, so that its geometric shape and size will change, and the flow coefficient will also change accordingly. Therefore, attention should be paid to cleaning in use.

5. Installation problems

The installation problem is mainly the length of the straight pipe in front of the vortex flowmeter sensor. If the length is not enough, the measurement accuracy will be affected.

6. Reasons for parameter setting

Incorrect product parameters result in incorrect instrument indication.Parameter error makes the secondary instrument full frequency calculation error, almost full frequency phase makes instructions are not allowed to be for a long time, the actual full frequency gets calculation of full frequency makes instructions from wide fluctuations, readings, and material parameters on the inconsistency and the parameters of the final, the final parameters was determined by the calibration compared with each other again, solved such problems.

THE measurement error of vortex flowmeter

As a highly sophisticated instrument, flowmeter not only needs to strictly comply with its requirements in the process of manufacturing and use, but also needs to pay special attention in the later maintenance so as not to make the flowmeter retire in advance.If you have any other unclear questions, you can leave a message for consultation, and we will discuss and make progress together.

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