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OEM Pressure Sensor: Choosing the Right Product for You

Sep 03, 2019

OEM Pressure sensors are used to measure pressure in liquids or gases. In order to achieve this, the sensor must be able to turn the physical pressure into a quantifiable signal. This is done electronically. These sensors are vital to the proper functioning of larger systems and should always be selected to meet the application exactly. All of the OEM pressure sensors supplied by our team at Validyne are customized to user specifications and requirements.


When considering pressure sensors, reliability is an important factor. These devices can determine where a leak is located, whether or not a system is operating properly and when a setting needs to be changed. If an OEM pressure sensor fails, the entire system could be affected, which is why it is so important to purchase reliable sensors. At Validyne, we offer a wide selection of quality OEM pressure sensors for a wide variety of applications.

Customization Options

If a special design is needed, you can order a customized sensor to perfectly integrate into you OEM design. These sensors can be calibrated to any required pressure range and operating temperature. Velodyne offers quality items and cost-effective solutions for our OEM customers.

Our DP350 low-pressure sensor, for example, is one-of-a-kind. It can get to pressure ranges as low as .008 psid and its ports can be customized. It is specifically designed to handle extremely low-pressure measurements in HVAC applications but can also handle leak detection. At Validyne, we can configure this sensor to your needs, including the required pressure range, ports, operating temperature, and lead wire length and color. Our experienced representatives can help you determine the necessary calibrations for your situation.

Talk To Our Experts

Be sure to choose the right OEM pressure sensor for your application. These devices are critical to their system and must be matched and installed properly in order to obtain proper readings. If you are not sure of the necessary temperature or pressure range for your application, be sure to get some help from one of our experts. An OEM temperature gauge can be a low cost solution to many dilemmas when chosen correctly.