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Operating Regulations for Central Welding Machine

Apr 25, 2019

First, the scope of application

1. This regulation stipulates the relevant provisions on the safe operation of the center welding machine;

2. This procedure is applicable to the welding operation of the sensor center diaphragm and the isolation diaphragm of the pressure change production post.


Second, the main content

1. It must be safe before use to determine whether it is well grounded.

2. Turn on the control power, turn on the high-purity argon gas, turn on the gas source, and turn on the vacuum pump.

3. When the center diaphragm is welded, hold the center diaphragm and then use the welding needle to tear the diaphragm at low speed, then use the fast gear to flatten the diaphragm and the welding table.

4. Use low speed gear for welding and press the welding button to automatically weld.

5. Shut down the air source, vacuum pump, high-purity argon gas and power supply in turn, and clean the broken iron scraps on the welding platform.

Third, safety instructions (possible hazards)

1. Leakage and electric shock prevention measures: Regularly check the leakage switch and grounding.

2, argon arc radiant radiation eye and skin prevention measures: ensure that the blackout cloth is intact.

3, there is splash iron scraps when the car diaphragm welding station, preventive measures: with high-definition glasses.