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Operating Regulations for Spot Welders and Argon Arc Welders

Apr 29, 2019

First, the spot welder operating procedures day


1 Check that the equipment is in good condition before working. The water source power supply and grounding wire must be in a normal state and meet the process requirements.

2. The operator must wear special gloves for electric welders.

3. The operator should stand on the insulated wooden table and the welding machine should start; the cooling water valve must be opened first to prevent the welding machine from being damaged.

4. The protective glasses should be loose during operation. The operator's eye should be in the direction of the spark splash to prevent burns.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the spherical surface of the test electrode. Inflammable and explosive materials are not allowed near the work area.

6. Upper and lower workpieces should be taken. The stacking of the workpiece should be neat and tidy. It should not be too high. It should have a channel.

7. After the work is finished, the US should be closed to the power source.

Second, the arc welder operating procedures

1. You should master general electrical knowledge, follow the welder-like safety regulations, and should also use morning fire extinguishing technology, first aid, and artificial respiration methods.

2, before the work, to check the welder power cord, lead wire and each connection point are good: the line across the roadway should be overhead or security cover; the secondary circuit and casing of the welder must be well grounded; the welding rod must be well insulated.

3, rainy days are not allowed to rely on the days of electric welding. When working in wet areas. Should be standing in the place of insulated goods and wear insulated shoes.

4. The mobile t-welding machine should be carried out by an electrician from the power line or disconnection, as well as grounding.

5. When working, first turn on the power switch, then turn on the electric welder to stop; first, turn off the electric welder to pull off the power switch.

6. Move the position of the welding machine. It must be shut down first; if there is a sudden power failure during welding, the welding machine should be shut down immediately.

7. When there is a lot of places, the glare should be installed. When there is no escape, you should remind people around you not to look directly at the light.

8 Wear gloves when changing the welding rod. Don't lean on the iron plate or other conductive properties. Wear a protective town when you hit the slag.

9. When welding non-ferrous metal parts, ventilation and detoxification should be strengthened, and a filter gas mask should be used if necessary.

10. After the work is finished, turn off the welding machine and cut off the power.