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Operating Rules and Notices of Coating Machine

Apr 29, 2019


1. Check the cooling water, whether the air supply pressure is normal, turn on the main power switch, press F to control the power switch, press the air valve switch to inflate the working chamber, after the inflation is completed, reset the air valve switch and open the studio door. Simultaneously open the diffusion pump, maintain the pump, water circulation, preheat - hour, before high vacuum operation.

2. Select the evaporation electrode as required, place the evaporation material, place the workpiece, close the studio door, check whether the inflation valve switch is reset, and confirm that the inflation valve indicator is off.

3. Open the rough pump, rough pump, wait about 3 minutes (to 1200Pa), turn on, open the bombardment (red off green open), pay attention to the rotating disc not too fast, otherwise it is easy to throw out the workpiece, bombardment current 200mA, 5 minutes, complete the bombardment, close the bombardment (press the red button), turn off, open the Luoz pump.

4, close the rough valve, open the front valve, wait 5-6 seconds, open the fine pump valve, open the high vacuum gauge, turn the evaporation to 8x 10-3, first evaporate aluminum or other conductive materials, then evaporate silicon. Note that the correct hole position is inserted into the conductive plug, and the current control knob is rotated to increase the thickness to three times. Observe the evaporation condition of the coating material, and determine the length of the coating time according to the actual situation. After evaporation is complete, turn the evaporation current control knob to the minimum and press the red button to stop evaporation.

5. Close the fine pumping valve, close the front valve, close the Luoz pump, turn off the vacuum gauge, press the red inflation valve, open the studio door, reset the inflation valve switch, take out the workpiece, and re-add new workpieces to continue to Repeat the process from 2 to 2.

6. When the work stops, close the diffusion pump, close the studio door after removing the workpiece, open the rough pump, rough pump, wait about 1 minute, turn off the rough pump, rough pump, vacuum gauge, keep the pump and cycle The water is turned on for 1 hour, and the diffusion pump temperature is below 60 degrees to shut off the maintenance pump and circulating water.

Note on the operation of the coating machine:

1. Lubricate the cylinder push rod before each start.

2. Low vacuum prohibits the opening of the high vacuum filament, which is normally turned off.

3. It is strictly forbidden to open the high valve under low vacuum (or normal pressure) to prevent oxidation of the diffusion pump oil.

4, the shutdown operation must be strictly in accordance with, first stop the diffusion pump, keep the pump and circulating water open for 1 hour, until the diffusion pump temperature is below 60 degrees, before the maintenance of the pump and circulating water.