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pressure transmitter

Oct 05, 2016

Pressure  transmitter is the most commonly used in industrial practice a sensor,  which is widely used in various industrial automation environment,  involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation,  intelligent building, production control, aerospace, military,  petrochemical, oil, electricity, ship , Machine tools, pipes and many other industries. Here is a brief introduction to some of the principles of commonly  used pressure transmitter and its application, pressure transmitter is  used to measure the liquid, gas or steam level, density and pressure,  and then the pressure signal into 4 ~ 20mA DC signal output.
Pressure  transmitter is mainly capacitive pressure transmitter and diffusion of  silicon pressure transmitter, ceramic pressure transmitter, strain gauge  pressure transmitter. Pressure transmitter according to the pressure range can be divided  into general pressure transmitter (0.001MPa ~ 35MPa) and differential  pressure transmitter (0 ~ 1.5kPa), three kinds of negative pressure  transmitter.
The  main role of the pressure transmitter to the pressure signal  transmitted to electronic equipment, and then display the pressure in  the computer its principle is roughly: the pressure of the hydraulic  pressure of the mechanical signal into current (4-20mA) such as  electronic signal pressure and voltage or Current size into a linear relationship is generally proportional relationship. Therefore,  the transmitter output voltage or current increases with increasing  pressure and thus a relationship between pressure and voltage or current  pressure transmitter of the two kinds of media under pressure into the  high and low pressure chamber , The low-pressure chamber pressure using atmospheric pressure or  vacuum, role in the δ element (ie, sensitive components) on both sides  of the diaphragm, through the separator and the components of the  filling liquid is delivered to the measuring diaphragm on both sides.
Pressure  transmitter is measured by the diaphragm and the insulation on both  sides of the electrodes on the composition of a capacitor. When  the pressure on both sides of the inconsistency, resulting in measuring  diaphragm displacement, the displacement and the pressure is  proportional to the difference, so the capacitance on both sides do not,  through the oscillation and demodulation link.