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Procedures for Sensor Cleaning

Apr 25, 2019

First. pedestal cleaning


      1. Add the cleaning agent to the warm water to dissolve, place the base, and clean the base with a brush, each brush must be cleaned with a brush.

      2. Put the cleaned food into the pot and cook it, add the cleaning agent for about 40 minutes, then rinse with water until there is no foam. Brush it with a brush and rinse it off.

      3. Put the alcohol into the ultrasonic wave, put it into the pedestal, and then take it for 20-30 minutes. Remove it and put it into clean alcohol (10 minutes), put it in the oven, the temperature is 120C, about 4 hours.

Second, glass cleaning

      1. Put the glass into the pot, add pure water, detergent, and then heat for 40 minutes, rinse off the water and rinse.

      2. Rinse the cleaned glass into the ultrasonic wave, pour the alcohol for 20-30 minutes, remove it into clean alcohol, filter it again, and remove it to the oven for 4-6 hours.

      3. Shear nickel wire, ceramic: The length of the sheared nickel wire is about 10-12 cm. The nickel wire ceramic is placed in the oven after being superseded with ultrasonic for 10 minutes.

Third, diaphragm cleaning

      1. Put the membrane into the pot and add the cleaning agent at a temperature of 40-50*C. Remove it with a lint-free cloth, then put it in clean water and scrub it - soak it in alcohol for about 10 minutes, remove it and put it in acetone. Scrub it in the oven.

Fourth, pedestal coating cleaninga

      1. First use a silver pin to punch the nine-hole magnetic core once to prevent clogging and put it in alcohol.

2. Use nickel wire to pass through the nickel tube to prevent blockage.

      3. Heat 40-60C into the pot, add the cleaning agent, remove the brush - and rinse.

4. Squeeze the pedestal body into alcohol for 40 minutes, then soak in alcohol for 10 minutes.