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Production department supervisor job responsibilities

Apr 29, 2019

Responsibilities of Supervisors of Production Departments

1. Organize the formulation and revision of relevant rules and regulations and process specifications within the scope of the jurisdiction and scope of supervision, and supervise the implementation after approval.

2. Organize the implementation of the workshop production plan:

(1) Responsible for organizing and arranging production work according to plan to ensure production progress;

(2) To ensure that everything is implemented, that all work responsibilities are met, and that those who are capable are more likely to work harder;

(3) Rationally deploy personnel and equipment, adjust production layout and production load, and improve production efficiency.


3. Production process management:

(1) Hosting workshop meetings and comprehensively coordinating workshop work;

(2) Supervise and guide the production process, and at the same time carry out production quality control to ensure production quality;

(3) Supervising and inspecting the work of the workshop staff, warning and correcting the violation operation;

(4) Participate in the analysis of product quality issues, develop and implement corrective and preventive measures;

(5) Supervise and inspect the self-inspection and mutual inspection during the production process. Prevent uninhibited products from flowing into the next process.

4. Production site management:

(1) Establish an on-site management system and guide training management knowledge;

(2) Advance the 5S on-site management system, assess the 5S implementation of employees on time, implement rewards and punishments, and ensure that the system is implemented.

5, workshop production safety management:

(1) Responsible for implementing various production safety systems of enterprises and conducting regular safety inspections;

(2) Control key critical parts, prevent potential safety hazards, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

(3) Regularly organize safety production education and training to guide employees in safe operation.

6, workshop production cost control:

(1) Statistical analysis of the monthly production situation of the workshop, seeking improvement and improving production efficiency;

(2) Statistical analysis of the monthly cost of the workshop and the development of operational cost control measures.

7. Workshop staff management:

(1) Organize workshop production staff to participate in business training:

(2) Cooperate with the Human Resources Department to do a good job in attendance and commission accounting for workshop staff.

8. Other work:

(1) Responsible for coordinating relations with other relevant departments;

(2) Communicate with superior leaders and other departments in a timely manner to solve unexpected incidents in the production process;

(3) Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.