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Rules for operation of fatigue testing machine

Apr 25, 2019

First, the scope of application:


This pressure gauge is used by the fatigue machine.

Second, the operation requirements

1. Safety inspection and preparation before operation.

2. Check the operation of the equipment and deal with the remaining faults.

3. Check if the energization of the electrical system is normal.

4. Inspect and clean other objects on and around the equipment.

5. Check if the air supply is well connected.

6. Install the sensor core and put it on.

7. Open the high static pressure switch, the pressure is 10-12MPa, observe whether the alloy tube has oil leakage, and if it is treated in time.

8, high static pressure fatigue time 12-15 hours, conversion gas source fatigue, pressure 0.06-0.08MPa, the number of compressions 8000-10000 times.

9. Keep clean and ensure reliable electrical grounding.

10. It is forbidden to operate by non-operator.